Tony’s Hawk Pro Skater HD DLC To Cost 400 Points (£3.33)

Although details on the first DLC pack for Tony’s Hawk Pro Skater HD (reviewed this morning) are thin on the ground, TheSixthAxis has been informed that it’ll cost 400 Microsoft Points, which is roughly £3.33 in real money.


The add-on will include levels from Pro Skater 3, new pro skaters and “more”, which hopefully means increased flatland tricks in addition to the missing revert move. The first level confirmed is Airport and the video above shows Los Angeles briefly but we’re hoping for Canada too – and Canada’s confirmed – it’s in the video.

Quite how the game will play at 30fps when we’ve been used to the third game running at a rock solid 60 on PS2 and Gamecube for years is something we’ll just have to deal with when it lands…

It’ll be out “in a few weeks”.



  1. really looking forward to the DLC as I only ever played THPS2….. and heard such good things about TH3

    oh wait, gotta wait for the PS3 release first…

  2. Reasonably priced DLC though it makes me wish the core game was 800ms points. 1200ms points (i.e. £10) for the “complete” package would have convinced me to make the purchase.

  3. oh, for the days when you would have unlocked stuff like this by playing the game. ^_^

    • There’s still levels to unlock in the game too – Just not these.

  4. How much is the full game on the 360? not in MS points in cash i mean need to leave money in wallet for PS3 version

  5. This should have been included with the game…

  6. does it have the slow motion cheat?

    i could actually do some combos with that on, didn’t stand a bloody chance without it. :(

  7. I wonder if i can hold out for a cheaper ‘all in’ package a few months down the line.

    Probably not.

  8. Want this even more now. Loved Airport.
    Hope we get some THPS4 and THUG levels too.

  9. Tony confirms Canada in the video. Did you even watch it????

    • The image above is of Canada before you even press play. How was that missed?

      • Ugh, sorry, you’re both right. No idea how we missed that!

  10. are times that hard when people are going to moan about £3?

    • And you’ve missed the point completely.
      This should have already been included with the game.

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