Lots Of Joe Danger: The Movie Videos

Hello Games’ Joe Danger: The Movie looks like it’s being published by Microsoft and so will see some kind of exclusivity window. That’s not set in stone, but nobody’s said otherwise, and that’s normally the case with Microsoft and the 360.


So, whilst chances are you won’t be seeing this on the PS3 too soon, 360 owners should be able to grab the game in just a few weeks. It’s looking great, as this GameSpot preview illustrates, and here are some videos showing off various modes.



  1. Well screw you, Hello games.

  2. Guess I will never be able to play this sequel :/. I have no problem with the game to release on the xbox360 but exklusive…. :(

    • It’s not exclusive. Just that nobody’s talking about a PS3 version yet.

  3. Bit of a shame that the PS3 version of this game isn’t being talked about seeing as the original was such a success on over here in Sony land.

    • we’ll see how happy they are when they have to patch the game. ^_^

  4. Well Sony made Hello games what they are and it looks like they are stabbing them in the back. Even though I own a 360 I’m not buying this on it. If they don’t release it on PS3 then they aren’t getting my money.

  5. Will not be buying even if it does come out on PS3. We supported them by buying the original and they’ve gone “Thanks for the cash, recognition and kudos. Bye now, we’re gonna use that to snuggle up to Microsoft’s wallet. PS3 version? Well, er…. maybe…. if we can be arsed….”

    • What about all the times that 360 exclusives have jumped from 360 to PS3 after using exclusivity to get attention and sales?

      It cuts both ways, and Hello have had nothing but positive things to say of developing for PS3 and working with Sony.

      Why the hate?

  6. so, if they made a movie of this, would it be Joe Danger the movie: the movie?
    and the game of the movie would be Joe Danger the movie: the movie: the game.

    don’t say it couldn’t happen, you remember Street Fighter: the movie: the game?
    right? ^_^

  7. Despite how much I would like this, I wont be buying on either Xbox 360 or PS3 just out of principle.

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