Robert Bowling’s Human Element Will Appear First On OUYA

Well, it looks like the OUYA team is pretty serious.


“We’d like to introduce you to Robert Bowling,” starts a new blog post on the Android-powered console, “president of the game developer Robotoki, and an early backer of our Kickstarter. You might recognize Robert from his work with the Call of Duty franchise.”

Robert hinted earlier yesterday that he had some news. That news? That Human Element, his post-zombie-apocalyptic game, will appear first on OUYA, with some kind of exclusivity window.

Bowling will provide an episodic game unique to OUYA. “Robotoki is the first studio to commit to building a game exclusively for OUYA: an episodic prequel that will set the stage for his eventual release of Human Element in 2015,” says the post.



  1. This makes the OUYA more interesting instantly, but it’s also interesting that they’re doing a prequel game to introduce you to their universe. With, presumably, lower development costs, I wonder if other developers will do the same?

  2. interesting.

    the console itself sounds like something i’d definitely be interested in, and the game looks interesting as well, there’s not a lot of info on the game’s site yet, but it looks like it might be more than just another zombie flavoured fps.

  3. The title / article is a little misleading. As far as I know HumanElement is the game that is supposed to release in 2015. There will be an episodic prequel arc that will be exclusive to the OUYA and will release before HumanElement comes out (probably an OUYA launch title).

  4. Yay for another zombie game… Still not interested in the Ouya, mainly because of the whole F2P idea.

    • F2P can mean anything from a free demo for every game to a free game with paid bonus content which also means you can at least try the game for free. I wish that was the case for the PS3.

    • F2P certainly hasn’t done DCUO any harm.
      (off topic stat. 70% of user base, are PS3 owners.)

      • But 70% of all statistics are made up.

        That’s 100% fact! :P

      • F2P games are funded mainly from the <5% of heavy paying users who shovel 100 if not 1000's of £'s into the game for the best gear.

        As long as F2P is not pay2win but more pay2enchance (cosmetic/sidegrades) then f2p doesn't bother me but it's the dirty f2p games what alsmost force you to buy say gold/credits etc to enjoy the game.

  5. Yay. Zombie apocalypse, with nothing but concept art. Excited I am yet to be.

  6. I wonder who’s next?

  7. He’s not a “big gun”. He was a glorified PR man at IW and nothing more. Suggesting this is a big announcement when theres nothing but a screenshot from a dev thats never made a game is taking the piss quite frankly.

    • I agree. A studio that has yet to form a complete team, with a game they’ve barely started work on, not due to release for 3 years? Ouya needs much bigger fish than this.

    • I think by ‘big gun’ they generally just mean ‘recognised name’, which admittedly, his is.

      I agree that they need to have a well recognised, fully formed team from the get go for interest to really rise though.

      • You wont find any major publishers willing to waste time developing for this fad. Why would they want to produce games for a system which the creators openly admit they want hacked. This whole thing is madness.

      • Oh i agree – I was just saying that i think they will need a well recognised team behind them if they ever want to get any traction in the market, which i am not sure they will get.

      • Even if it’s just a fad, it’s based on Android and therefore has a lot of potential, even outside of the gaming sector.

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