Sony Pulls The Shutter On More PlayStation Servers

Three more series will soon be stepping up to the firing line as Sony plans to cease online support for more of its first/second party software. As of August 31st, players will no longer be able to access online features for The Eye of Judgment: Legends, Sony’s portable, gimmick-free take on the popular PS3 card game.

Shortly after, on October 1st, SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3, MotorStorm Arctic Edge, and surprisingly, MotorStorm Pacific Rift, will be stripped of online functionality.

It’s always a shame to see some of our favourite online games stubbed out due to server closures.

However, Sony doesn’t take pleasure in pulling the plug on its pool of fondly-remembered, yet constantly-ageing multiplayer titles. One has to imagine that, due to inactivity, it becomes difficult for the publisher to justify the costs behind running and maintaining servers that are growing more barren as the years pass.

For a full list of games that no longer support online play, check here.


  1. I had so many problems trying to get my PSP online to play Artic Edge. Wish i could’ve had a shot of it

    • Think I played it once, but can’t say I remember if it was good or not. The actual game itself was pretty sweet though. It’s a shame Sony hasn’t re-worked it into a PS3/Vita title.

      • Played around 3 times in total. Two were actually really fun, but the other was a while after and against one opponent, so I assumed people had stopped playing. Not much into online on the PSP anyway.

  2. I think there was, and I hope the campaign to let the community take over the MS:PR servers gains momentum.

  3. Did pacific rift have online focused trophies? If it did then how are people gonna platinum….

    • Be quick? I would try but I’m never gonna get that platinum anyway.

      • they should give u the online trophies for free in a patch….

      • Give you something for free you never earned? Let’s be honest if you haven’t already got the platinum you probably wouldn’t have ever gone back to it if this server closure thing didnt happen

  4. I cant even find a online game on Motorstorm Apocalypse.

    • I can always get a game on Apocalypse odd time it will join a room with only a few racers in but but after the race the room usually fills up pretty sharpish.

  5. Let’s hope everyone’s played enough of this multiplayer to finally announce they’re satisfied with this game. :-)

  6. I’m still angry about GRID! Loved that game’s online mode. 3 race touring cars. Blood amazing! Shame

  7. I’ll be honest I havn’t a clue about the in’s and out’s of servers. But I actually thought when the first few games closed what if Soby sold a cheap server. And I mean the actual physical server. Even if it could only have 10 people on, but the person who owned it could let any PS3 or even PS2 game work with it.

    The PC community very rarely (if ever) have a games online function shit off. But console games do and probably will have this problem for a long time. The server would also work with any game and the host would be able to control who does a d doesn’t use their server.

    Again I point out I don’t have a clue about how servers work so all this could be either near in possible to sell at a good price (£50 one off payment) or just a stupid idea.

    • Jesus sorry for the spelling mistakes people I can’t edit my comment!

  8. Well, there’s another platinum I’ll never get!

  9. Disappointed about PR, now and then I have a quick bash on the game and online. Some trophies will be out of reach now for many gamers including myself.

    • A meet perhaps for PR as it will be active til October 1st according to the blog post. What do you reckon?

  10. Pity about Pacific Rift, that was one of my first “TSA meets” games back in the days.

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