THPS HD On PS3 “Last Week Of August Or Early September”

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD will be released on PlayStation 3 either the last week of August, or in early September, according to developers Robomodo. Or at least that’s the intention – you know how these things go when it comes to release dates.

“While the game does have a short period of exclusivity on Xbox 360 from being in Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade, that has nothing to do with the PS3 release date at this point,” says the studio.


“We want a bit more time to polish the game and want the PS3 version to be as sharp as possible. We hear your pleas on Facebook and Twitter! Thanks for your patience, we’ll have an exact PS3 (and PC) release date soon.”

The Xbox 360 version – which I reviewed here – is good, but far from perfect. The limited move set, dodgy level selections and some control issues (and the fact that it runs at 30fps) all detract slightly from an otherwise great retro revisit.

Let’s hope those issues are tweaked for the PS3 version.



  1. Seriously how hard can it be to just take what’s already there and improve the graphics, framerate and animations? I’m not being naïve and think that making games is easy, but when there’s companies like Naughty Dog, Guerilla, pulling off these incredible feats in videogame graphics and gameplay, why is this company struggling to UPDATE an old game? The only thing I can think of is funds tbh.

    • Apparently it’s quite hard for some elements of the game, according to devs who did Sony updates. But like you say, if these devs can manage it, there’s no excuse for this.

    • funny, i can think of lots of reasons.

      lack of time, but they seem to have plenty of that.
      lack of skill, lack of effort, lack of care and yes, also lack of resources.

  2. Activision’s approach – Make sure the Xbox 360’s version is absolutely fine then we’ll see if we can do a botch job for the other consoles.

    Pretty much the tagline for all their games.

  3. No split-screen modes = NO BUY :-/

  4. Come on tony pull you’re finger out! :)

  5. I thought they were porting it over from the 360 version thus it should have been out at the end of this month. Plus, all they are doing is upping the graphics a bit and making a few minor tweaks so i doubt it will take them that long to do it provided that they haven’t already done it so far as it’s not excalty a complicated game. You skate and preform tricks. And that’s about it.

    Also why does it lack splitscreen? You know the feature that probably helped the franchise to grow very popular back in the 90s and 00s.

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