Community Chronicle: 22/07/12

Time for another look at what you’ve all been getting up to lately, what you’ve been using to play games on all these years, and what you’ve been saying in the comments over the last week.

I’ve been hiding in the bushes all week, keeping track of you all, and here are the fruits of my investigation!

Getting their turn to show off this week is Motalla, who clearly has absolutely no shame! Although, to be fair, if you had a gaming set up like this, you’d be showing off too. It’s disgustingly fantastic!

Starting off with the centrepiece, a picture of the three screen set up and one of those Thrustmaster T500RS gaming wheels. The absolute top end of the steering wheel spectrum!

But how does he get triple screen Gran Turismo 5? Well, there’s only one way, and that’s to have three PS3’s hooked up together, so that’s what he’s got! A “Fat” and two slims, sat next to a whole bunch of other gadgets.

Of course, having three screens and only using it for GT5 would be utter madness, so he’s got a total beast of a PC on the other side, featuring a Hexacore i7, 12GB of RAM, a Radeon 6970 and a bunch of HDDs tied together into a RAID array for tons of speed.

Motalla, you lucky son of a gun!

If you too would like to show off your shiny gaming rig, or reveal a hugely messy pile of gaming junk, then head to the bottom of this page, where you can submit photos and/or tales of your gaming exploits.

A little bit of flavour beyond Platinum trophies and game completions this week. Although we do have things like SpikeyMikey finishing Assassin’s Creed Revelations, Element666 getting the Platinum for Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath and Freezebug grabbing the Platinums for the Ratchet & Clank HD trilogy, it’s nice to shift the focus to cool things beyond that.

So, sticking with Freezebug a second, it’s pretty nice to point out that he’s now sat at a very nice round 50 Platinum trophies in total! Better yet, his 50th Platinum is actually entitled “He went commando”, which is definitely one of the best titles for a Platinum. Another nice bit of happenstance goes to Samiro05, who noticed on the latest Trophy Leaderboard update that he’s ” 20th at 20% of level 20 for 20 days”. All the 20’s for that man!


An-dz has been playing Minecraft, and crafting with what he has mined, it seems, as he’s sent in a photo of his current masterpiece. He’s been attempting to recreate Dragonsreach, as seen in Skyrim, within Minecraft. It’s still a work in progress, but already looking pretty impressive! All he’s got to figure out for the final version is how to craft a backwards flying dragon… Can you even do that?

Rounding us out, we have two shows of minor shows of geekdom, with LTG Davey having embarked on a bit of a LAN party, featuring Gears of War 3, Perfect Dark Zero, Halo Reach and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier on the games roster, whilst Colmshan has downloaded and been playing around with the PlayStation Mobile SDK, which let him get Portal playable via PS Vita.

Let us know in the comments of this article, the What We Played article next week, or use the submission form at the bottom to tell us about trophies and games you’ve finished off, or crazy things you’ve managed to do whilst playing.

Last week’s Comment of the Week poll actually came out pretty tight, with Youles and Forrest’s combined trophy tomfoolery sneaking the win by a single vote over the coolness of InternationalGamer’s sliding doors. Congratulations!

Up for the vote this week is Colmshan1990 with a tricky equation to figure out just how hard PS+ offers and Steam Sales hurt you in the Bandwidth. Next, the pain rolls over to the app store, as An-dz expresses a desire to live elsewhere in the galaxy, thanks to the Justin Bieber app… Moon colony, anyone?

Doesn’t look like Fez will get a second patch, but Nickboss1 has a potential solution to all those games we wish could get just one more patch. Kickstarter? Oh, the horror!

Why is there too much horror? It’s everywhere! Especially in games like Dead Space 1 and 2, so it’s a relief to see the plans for Dead Space 4 and 5 being laid out in a much lighter fashion by Blast71.

EA’s trickiness continues, with the addition of the Battlefield 4 beta to the Medal of Honor pre-orders. Aren’t we forgetting something, though? FRUITOFDOOM reminds us that Medal of Honor: Warfighter looks to be a pretty good game in and of itself. Fingers cross that the next PES game is also a return to form for that franchise, but please, Jackster123x is begging Konami not to put a 15 minute long intro on the demo!

The polls are now open!

Don’t forget that if you spot a comment during the week that you think should be in the poll, just nominate it by hitting the thumbs up button, so it stands out when I’m hunting next week. Until next week, I leave you with the submission form for Rigs and Achievements:

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  1. Awesome gaming rig, the house extension to fit it all in was probably cheaper than the gaming Hardware! ;)
    My comment vote was to go to CB for the reply to the “gays!!” comment.
    Calm and casual as you like “Advertising or Requesting?” LMAO!
    But it’s not included in the nominations anyway :(

    • Having this gaming rigg and stuff does not make up for my lack of gaming talent >(_8(|)

      Freezebug, you know where I usually end in the GT5 races we play together … I am always the first one to get DNF.

      Although I am rather good at reviving people in BF3, the TSA-people in my squand usually tollerate my presence.

    • Oh yeah, that was a good one! I missed that whilst skimming through the 80-odd pages of comments in the back end.

      • That’s a lot to sift through!
        AG might have a point though with the search idea, because the comment that I was referring to actually had 10 likes.
        One reason that it might have been missed though is that the article had a low comment count…..only 13, and might have been overlooked in favour of the more commented articles.
        Shouldn’t there be a list somewhere with a running total of most liked comments, otherwise is there any point to the system? That’s not to say that the comment with the most likes should automatically become the comment of the week… should just be considered for nomination as you are doing now ;)

    • Maybe when there is a stand out comment in an article someone could reply with “comment of the week!”, that way when searching the back end we could search for that phrase and it should show up some good nominations?

      • Nah, I scroll through quickly and stop for things that have 2 or more likes. Pretty sure I catch most things that way, so it’s fine. :)

      • But 90% of my favourite comments aren’t here :(. I’ll try and remember to mention a comment if I see one, I always forget after anyway!

      • I told you he was corrupt Adam but no, you insisted that Tef would never abuse his position to reward his favorite TSAers with either a lapdance from Elder Mike, a copy of playboy/girl or 15% of your private chocolate stash. :p *gets his tea privilleges taken away from him by tef and procceeds to make Tef’s life a living hell untill he reinstates them*

  2. Wow what a set up, GT5 looks awesome.

  3. 3 screens for PS3 games, i dont think i could ever make that actually work, too many wires, on top of that his desktop computer is amazing too, you must have sunk a hole in your pocket stright ot the center of the earth to pay for that.

    Also Minecraft does indeed have a backwards flying dragon :)

  4. Wait, it’s actually possible to triple screen PS3 games?

    • Just with Grand Turismo 5 as far as I know. You need multiple copies of the game as well as an equal amount of PS3’s (3 or 5).

      This is just … a tripple screen setup, but I am sure that there is someone that has a 5 screen GT5 setup. I dare that person ;-P

  5. now thats a really nice setup Motalla! really like the triple screen =D
    makes me and my brothers setup look sooooo puny! lol
    ohh and that reminds me that i neeed to send in my entry to this awesome sunday feature =D

  6. Crikey – Nice one Motalla! Shame the three screen thing doesn’t work on BF3 eh? Complete 180 vision could prove extremely useful on that!

    I can’t begin to tell you the amount of times i have been shot in the side of the head (still won’t help me being shot in the back though!)!

    Think i need a rear view mirror too then. :)

    • I am sorry to burst your bubble Forrest, but this tripple screen setup works fine with BF3 :-P, just not on the PS3. It runs smoothly on my PC, tried and tested. Not that many TSA-people organising TSA-meets for the PC, though. And since I enjoy playing with you lot so much, I end up playing BF3 on the PS3.

      • Oh, well that’s cool then – It’s just when you mentioned above that you thought it only worked with GT5, my mind instantly went to BF3, as i thought it would be exceptionally cool to have ‘peripheral vision’, as well as the starndard view you get with one screen!

        So does it help?

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