Rumour: No New PS3 Model For Gamescom

[drop2]Sony’s planned reveal of the new slimmer, smaller and top-loading PS3 at gamescom has been cancelled, rumours are suggesting.

The new model – coded CECH 4000 – was widely expected to form the centrepiece of SCEE’s press conference, but that appears to have changed.


Citing “sources”, VG247 are saying that the announcement will now not happen next month because stock levels of the current 3000 model PS3 are still “too high”.

In related news, it’s claimed that the 16GB version – something we’ve discussed at length recently – is very much real and will come with a ridiculously low price point.

The rumour suggesting it might even release at the budget-friendly and all important £99 mark.

We’ll see come August.



  1. £99? Wow

  2. £99?!?! How will Sony make a profit on that?
    I was honestly looking forward to buy that new PS3 as the current slim is fugly compared to the sexiness of my PS3 60GB.

  3. At £99 I’d consider buying it as my 60gb is far too loud for Blu Ray and DVD play back.

  4. If it’s near that price point, I’m sold.
    I also think it’s good not for them to focus on new hardware before the Vita gets some more coverage first!!

  5. £99 with no subscription? I’d replace my 80GB phat just because it’s a great deal!

  6. Can’t see £99 maybe £129.99

    I’d hope for a model which featured a 16GB flash memory but with the ability to install a HDD, which is something I’d hope the next-gen does too, for better caching ability reducing needs for installs and the flash memory would allow faster seek times for streaming textures etc

    • It’s just me, but for production, what would make more sense is to keep the SATA port free and add 16GB flash memory and controller onboard (which would not be added to the HDD version), rather than using an actual SSD disk. This would nail the market, you can start with a 16GB unit and, if you need it, you can just plug in a 2.5″ disk.

      • Yep a 16GB model for a low low price would be awesome, as you then can add your HDD size to it, eg. I would love to add a 750GB Momentus XT, which is a hybrid disk.

  7. Maybe they are holding it back for TGS instead? Also may mean a price cut on the current slim at Gamescom to help shift the stock they have?

    • I think they’re going to quietly sell out the current stock with some ridiculous promotions to introduce the new version at a lower price point for September/October, just in time fro Christmas.

  8. £99, I think I’ll have one of those for the bedroom. That would be a bargain.

    • Please Note: The new model PS3 is NOT intended to replace a life partner.

      • “It only does everything”

      • I will never be able to replace my first born Phat PS3 either ;-)

  9. At that price, I’ll get it myself, and be able to play all the online only multiplayer games with people in the same room! Ahahahahahaha! :D

  10. I’ll have 1 for the week and 1 for sunday best ;)

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