Infinity Ward Date ‘Terminal’ DLC For PS3

Infinity Ward have released the dates for the ‘Terminal’ DLC pack for Modern Warfare 3 which has been available to Xbox 360 gamers since last week.

“Terminal will be coming to #MW3 on PS3 August 14th for Elite premium members, August 15th for non-elite”, they tweeted.


Following the pattern set by the Xbox 360 release that’s a whole twenty four hours of exclusivity for Elite members, you lucky, lucky people.

Update: the original tweet has been deleted. The dates are now the 16th/17th.

Source: Twitter



  1. And PSN will collapse due to the tupperware with strings attached being unable to support the increase of traffic. I wonder if the price will be a decent £4 or less as it is just the one map right?

    • Terminal is free for everyone.

      • *sprays his tea everywhere* :O Looks like i owe Crazy Del an apology as i seem to have got him with my tea. Why does he always stand in the way of my tea being sprayed everywhere? O-o

      • Steven stop wasting tea, its bad for your environment.

      • Tell everyone to stop posting things that make me spray my tea everywhere!

  2. August 16th for Elite premium members, August 17th for non-elite.

  3. Interested to see the quality, compared to original(one of my fav mw2 maps.)
    (I enjoy MW3, but pale by comparison in every way imo.)

  4. The new Terminal is a absolute dull piece of shit. Why ruin a perfectly good MW2 map?!?!

  5. A WHOLE DAY! Nice…

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