Nintendo 3DS Now Sold At A Profit, Unit Sales Up 162%

Nintendo’s financial reports, which they’ve just sent over this morning, show reduced losses for the first financial quarter, ended June 30, 2012.

Net sales for the quarter were 84,813 million Yen (compared with 93,928 million Yen for the previous year) with an operating loss of 10,331 million Yen, down from 37,712 the year before.


Global sales of Nintendo 3DS handheld game hardware increased 162% and software for the handheld rose 63%. In addition, Nintendo say that as of July 25, 2012, it is no longer selling Nintendo 3DS hardware below manufacturing costs.

Lifetime sales for the 3DS are now 19.0 million, selling 52.81 million games. The DS has sold 152.05 million units, and 908.79 million games since its release.



  1. those figures are quite incredible

  2. So the DS is very close to topping the PS2 then?

    • Aye. It’s always had the PS2 in its sights and will eventually overtake it, I believe. Still… that’s a mobile console compared to a home console which is quite something (for the PS2).

  3. Nintendo have been brilliant as regards their business / marketing! I’m not a massive fan and understand there to be few games worth playing in an ocean of shovelware. But those few games are not only the best Nintendo offer but amongst the best in the industry. For example; I bought a 3DS to play Pilot Wings, Mario and (ok it’s 3rd Party) MGS 3D. Those three titles have already eased any worries I’ll ever have about dropping £150 on a new system as I really enjoy them.
    Don’t get me wrong – I love GTA, Battlefield online, God of War, but will happily trade all those for that “family” unity when a Nintendo device gets turned on in the house and everyone wants a go

  4. Wow, awesome figures. Shame there isn’t a huge amount that interests me over the coming months :( Roll on Luigis Mansion 2!

  5. 19 million units sold before the 3DS became profitable – that’s huge but well done to them for getting there. They’ll be nicely positioned to consider another price drop should they need to.. not that they have anything to fear from the competition thus far.

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