Are Darksiders Developers Vigil Working On A First Person Shooter?

Darksiders 2 is looking great – as can be seen in our hands on yesterday – but it looks like Vigil might be moving onto a first person shooter next.

A job application for a Senior Games Programmer asks that applicants have “previously held a senior programming position on at least one shipped AAA console or PC title (preferably an FPS)”.


It also requests that they might be an “avid FPS gamer with strong interest in pushing the genre forward creatively” and – finally – as a ‘plus’ they have “prior experience working on an FPS title”.

Whatever it is, the advert also says it’s Vigil’s next game, so presumably after Darksiders 2 it’s onto this. Vigil are entirely owned by publishers THQ.



  1. I’d like to see the FPS genre being pushed forward creatively.

  2. Could be interesting, as long as its not army/guns/killsteaks etc etc then it would be welcomed by many.

  3. Gathering a new team together for ‘Homefront 2’ perhaps? Do i recall them saying they weren’t done with that franchise?

    • As far as I know the team behind Homefront started working on a sequel the second the first game came out.

      • But i heard that the studio that worked on the game are now no longer running?

      • That could also be the case. I haven’t really followed the franchise. Just remembering some random news items about it. :D

  4. “strong interest in pushing the genre forward creatively”
    so that rules out anybody who worked on Call of Duty?

  5. As long as they continue the Darksiders franchise afterwards, I’m fine with this, if it turns out to be a new take on the genre and not another modern day warfare shooter in brown and grey.

  6. Why not, because the FPS market isn’t saturated enough already >.>

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