Microsoft Cancels Flight From Vancouver

Despite the attempt at humour in this story’s headline, this is bad news. Microsoft has apparently let a number of staff go from its Vancouver studio. Former employees took to Twitter yesterday to post comments and make jokes about it, presumably while also updating their LinkedIn profiles.

It’s suspected that around 35 people in all have been let go, with Microsoft pulling down the shutters on their free-to-play Flight game as well as a Kinect game entitled “Project Columbia”. This unfortunate development is indicative of the Vancouver developer scene at the moment. Capcom recently shed 20 members of staff in the city and Rockstar recently moved their Vancouver operations across Canada to Toronto.


Microsoft has issued a statement, containing a cheeky bit of pimping for Flight, in which they say that the decision “was the result of the natural ebb and flow of our portfolio management.”

Obviously, we wish everyone affected the very best of luck with finding a new home.

Source: Kotaku


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  1. To be honest I feel the free to play model for flight was a bad idea. I was really looking forward to a new flight sim but gave up hope when the structure was announced

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