Pachter: “Vita’s Too Expensive For Most”

[drop2]Michael Pachter, analyst for Wedbush, has said that the PS Vita is “too expensive for most” and that the 3DS XL is “not all that compelling for the consumer”.

Speaking to VG247, Pachter said that the latest Nintendo hardware update, which we thought was pretty great, won’t have much of an effect on the weak sales of portables.


“The larger format is not all that compelling for the consumer,” he said of the XL.

“And although I think the XL will help sales, I don’t think that the impact will revive weak sales of handhelds overall.”

And speaking of weak sales, he doesn’t think the Vita will do much either.

“Vita’s too expensive for most, priced pretty much the same as the PS3 everywhere,” he said. “While I think the Vita is a good value and a great device, when compared to the PS3 it’s pretty expensive.”

“Also, there is not much of a library of Vita games,” he added, suggesting that the software levels are still too low, “so sales will probably be slow until we see more content.”




  1. Spot on.

    Too expensive a unit, people’s valuation of games has changed too. Also, no buzz… failed to capture the indie science whose regular supply of games between AAA releases would have kept the column inches coming in.

    PS Suite would have been the key, but its long protracted birth & morphine to PS Mobile has ensured it’s practically DOA.

    I’m sure Sony will pull some smoke & mirrors at Gamescom, people who’ve already bought one will feel validated whilst most people looking from the sidelines wondering why Sony are trying to take what is these days an incredibly niche concept into the mainstream.

    I love my Vita and there are good games out there. I have a few good ones (10) There’s a few I will eventually get that is already out (5)
    And a few more titles in the future. Vita is perfect with everything, gaming, tweeting and youtube all in one screen!
    There are few good apps on Vita aswell.
    In the end I love my Vita!

    • It’s not you who Sony’s trying to convince to throw down. It’s everyone else. Pachter speaks the truth. It just smarts. :-(

  3. Man says expensive thing is expensive..


  4. I don’t think it’s overpriced. The memory cards are, but not the device. Most gamers already have a home console like the ps3, and that’s not handheld, so it’s not directly competing if you ask me. And smartphones are more pricey. Once the next gen arrives, it won’t be looking so expensive. I do think Sony should bundle a 4GB card with every Vita sold though.

    • My car is more expensive again but those monthly payments make it palatable. People simply see the Vita as expensive. Correction… a lot of people will. Also, it needs its own diverse library of games. Not hand-me-downs, ports and sequels to big budget games on the PS3. Sure, have those as well but differentiate like hell. Show how the Vita can truly have its own niche with it’s own gaming niche too.

      The smart phone argument is terribly flawed as so many of us buy them on contract.

  5. My vita sits there gathering dust. Having beaten uncharted but not enjoying it enough to replay. I’ve enjoyed Wipeout and occasionally go back to Stardust.

    The only game I’m half interested in now is Resistance and I refuse to pay more than £15 for such a short campaign.

    The future line up looks sparse and far away, I feel suckered in like Move all over again.

    • PSN and PSP games say hi! ~~

      • I would rather play PSN games on PS3.

  6. And yet people will spend 600 quid on a mobile phone..:/

    • But they don’t see it like that. I don’t. I know that if I sit down and work out my 24 month contract (on the iPhone) it’ll be a bitch but that’s twenty four monthly payments. The Vita doesn’t offer such a thing, natively.

    • That’s not fair. A phone has more real world value. Almost everybody needs a phone, they’re the cornerstone of society, but not everybody needs a portable gaming device Todays phones are expensive because everybody wants a phone that can perform multiple tasks. Sony has failed because they launched a niche product at a high price point. If the only thing an i-phone could do is play games, nobody would be buying that either.

  7. Yeah he is stating the bleeding obvious again! I personally don’t just think that the vita console is too pricey, but also the games! No games should be more than £30! A price cut of 3ds proportions & reduction in the rrp of software to a ceiling of £30 would be a smart move! I want a 3G version, but not paying the current price! Roll on price cut!

  8. Why do people keep saying “you can egt a PS3 for that money”

    Ps3 is what 7 year old tech now, of course its going to be cheap. Most new smartphones cost around £400, now thats expensive, a vita is not if you appreciate what your getting.

  9. when it comes to Pachter I think he does make a lot of sense sometimes but when he screws up with his comments, they are pretty bad. However, that said he is right on the money with this. The Vita is definitely too expensive and there is absolutely no point for the 3DS XL. Needs to be changed really.

    • £200 is fine enough, the only issue there is that it lacks flash memory and for 16gb, 32gb its really ripping it for ones that buy online than retail.

  10. well I payed £300 in total for a Vita, but part of that was trade-ins for three games and a PSN card. Expensive? Yeah but its worth it, its a great system and you know Christmas is going to be exciting simply because of Littlebigplanet and I’m sure the PS store will have loads of new games on offer.

    I’d pay over £30 for a “good” game not a anything short or mediocre like Uncharted, Resistance and well anything that’s either a cash in or a half-job. Yay.. cheap mobile games, pfft okay they’re cool but they just don’t compare at all to buttons and Japanese RPGS. So they’re on there separate market or something to me, not worth the trouble considering I never bother to play the games I buy on iOS. So no in the end its not an expensive pile of poop with no games.

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