PlayStation Plussers To Get Another “Game Of The Month” Next Week

PlayStation Plus subscribers in Europe are to get an extra, bonus “Game Of The Month” next week, in addition to the ones already released and the one planned for Wednesday.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and Saints Row 2 are both available to download now.


“Oh hey, you know how we’re giving you a new Game of the Month next Wednesday? Yeah… there’s an extra game,” said SCEE’s Ross McGrath. “To clarify, that means you get four games this month instead of three. Wait did I say four? I meant five.”

The additional game is one that SCEE “promised to bring” once it was released in Europe. Current Twitter speculation suggests it’s Rock Of Ages.

The new Game Of The Month, whatever that ends up being (remember, it’s in addition to the one hinted at above) will replace Deus Ex, which was last month’s GotM.



  1. Regarding Rock of Ages, It’s not speculation, Ross actually confirmed it :D

  2. Wow 5 games 0_0 My hardrive is crying right now…

  3. Aww man, I filled my HDD this month with Guardian of Light and Saints Row, I’ve still not played about 4 of the original games.

    Im not complaining though Sony, I’m well pleased…PS+ is awesome nowadays

  4. Loving this. I hit download then just leave it in my download list till i’m ready. Win, Win.

  5. Yeah, it is Rock of Ages :)

  6. I love how much they are backing this awesome service but, as seen recently, huge downloads over the PSN take ages to complete. Kinda proves to me that we aren’t ready for a completely digital games market yet.

    • Took me 3 hours to download the PES 2013 demo. Your right, we aren’t ready, and we wont be for a long time. It’s really not got much to do with Sony though, for they can’t do anything about consumer internet speed. In an ideal world we would already have a totally online gaming experience because internet speeds would be far quicker.

      • I’d kinda agree but Sony’s PSN download speeds are awful compared to the likes of Steam. Been this way for years.

      • 3hours 0_0. Took me at max 20min!!!

      • I think it’s a little from both columns to be fair. I appreciate my internet is terrible but, as bunimomike mentioned, Steam/Xbox downloads take a fraction of the time.
        Who knows, maybe this is Sony’s way of beginning to charge for their online services.

      • I get exactly the same speeds over PSN as on Steam…so it’s nothing to do with their end.

      • the only thing I find slow sometimes are patches anything of the store uses my full internet speed.

    • It really depends on your connection, on Virgin Media 30Meg, I would download games at 3MB a sec over wifi on a phat PS3.

  7. I’ve ‘bought’ them all by pressing download, does that mean I can use them after they have been taken off of the store for free?

    This is great from Sony. I’m surprised that Microsoft haven’t responded with somethin big also. I would put the current PSN deals up there with some of the brilliant summer deals you can find on Steam. Its good to have these sorts of competitive offers, it helps the consumer and ultimately helps the industry too.

    • I add them to cart and purchase them but dont necessarily download them. Everything stays in your download history, so as long as your a member of PS+ you’ll be able to access them at a later date.

      • I thought as much, but i’m wary of any unwanted sneakyness on Sony’s behalf. Thankyou for your quick response!

  8. This is great news. I’ve only put a couple of hours into Deus EX, but that alone makes PS Plus worth at least a 3 month try.
    I’ve been a PS Plus subscriber since day one and haven’t regretted it (although there was a 4-5 month period were Plus gave out pure garbage).
    Looking forward to next week’s game

  9. So upgrade from 250gb to 500gb or go full out for 1tb. Hmmmmmm……………

    • I just upgraded from a 320gb to a 1tb after phoning around locally and finding stores with 500gb to 750gb hdd’s ranging in price from £60 to £70 pounds i went for a 1tb hdd from amazon for £75

      • That’s what I’m looking at, but they, also, have a 500gb for £41 so the price per gb isn’t wildly different.

      • Well id filled my 320gb to the brim and was having to delete things just to get other things on and had around 50 games that wouldn’t fit but now im enjoying giving my internet service provider a bit of a beating with my downloads glad i went with a 1tb myself.

  10. If i’ve activated the download for Dues Ex but not downloaded it…. (no space) can I still get it from my download list at another time?

    I tried to clear some backlog of plus games, ended up spending hours on magic orbz. What an addictive little game! is this on vita?

    • So long as you complete the checkout process, it will be added to your download list for download at a later time (as long as you are still subscribed)

    • Exactly what i’ve done with D.Ex. I own the disk ver, but prefer my games on HDD/XMB. Once I upgrade to 500GB or 1TB, i’m dloading that sucker:)

    • Have you tried deleting game data of games you don’t play anymore and probably won’t for the next several months?

      I cleared up 30GB+ deleting game data of games I will never play after I finished them.

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