Dishonored Spreads The Pre-Order Bonuses Around

Dishonored is looking brilliant. Stealthy steampunk assassinations could make for a really fantastic game to play, as well as defining a visual style that will be quite distinctive. So you might like to pre-order it.

Well, the UK pre-order incentives have been announced and there’s four different variations, depending on where you like to buy your games from.


Game and GameStation are probably the best retailer to shop with in this instance, they’re giving away a full 72 card Tarot deck with Dishonored branding and instructions. They also have the Arcane Assassin downloadable upgrade pack.

Amazon has an Acrobatic Killer downloadable upgrade pack, Tesco has one called Shadow Rat and ShopTo has a Backstreet Butcher pack. Each downloadable upgrade pack bestows slightly different perks and bonuses. There’s a video for every separate pack, I’ll drop those in below so you can have a look. The game’s out on October 12th.



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  1. By “giving away” do you really mean “charging £9.99 for”?

    • Well the current non DLC version is £37.99 – let’s see what happens

  2. This game is looking great. I don’t like these retail specific bonuses though, it makes pre-order choices a lot harder! Luckily none of them seem to add too much to the game, so will probably go for the tarot cards to at least have something tangible to show for my pre-order.

    • Yeah this used to bother me, until I realised all these bonuses are released later on the Store (unless it’s an exclusive version of the game) – therefore I’ll go cheapest then just buy the DLC from the Store, maybe even in a reduced Season Pass

      • I usually go for which ever one adds playable content, as opposed to skins or extra weapons etc. As you said, you can usually pick up the rest at some point anyway, although odds are I would have already got something shiny and new by then! Not that I ever finish the older things, they just go on my ever increasing pile of “will finish one day” games*.

        *I won’t.

  3. For me, as always, price will determine where I pre-order this from.

    I’ve seen a couple of offers pass by at around the £32-35 mark. However, if I can’t find anything cheap, it will probably be GAME for me. That Tarot deck looks like an interesting pick-up.

  4. yes!!!….More stuff people living in a third World country can’t get…for free that is. Will probably end up on the PSN store eventually.

  5. My most anticipated game this year !

    Also, thought I’d list the prices for each, for those wondering:

    GAME/Gamestation: £44.99 (Normal edition is separate at £37.99)
    Amazon: £37.94
    Tesco: £37.96
    Shopto: £37.85

    • Well that’s the Game version out then!

    • Is the GAME version brand new or preowned? As i suspect they “accidentally open it and stick it in the console once” and are forced to sell it as preowned. ;) Also, that’s a bit cheap for the normal version. :O Usually it’s £41 i think.

  6. Think my decision will be based on price rather than the bonuses on offer.
    The game looks great though.

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