Rumour: Sony Sending Out Beta Codes For PS All-Stars Battle Royale

If you’ve had an eye on SuperBot’s zany albeit intriguing crossover brawler, you might want to check your inbox.

According to IGN, Sony have begun to send invites for the game’s closed beta. The purpose of these tests is to gain feedback on gameplay and to get a good idea of how the servers can hold up.


Unlike the recent LittleBigPlanet Karting beta, All-Stars Battle Royale will only be available at specific times for 24-hour periods. Whether this locks out the entire game or just the multiplayer component remains to be seen.

Source: IGN



  1. Not one for me…and I’ve got into every LBP beta ever! Maybe my luck has run out :(

  2. Haven’t got one either, I’d like to try it and give some feedback. Gave lots of feedback on LBP Karting, since I thought the racing part of it wasn’t as tight as Modnation Racers

  3. Speaking of Beta, I have 2x codes for dust 514 if anyone wants them.

    • I’ll take on. Just PM it to me. Thanks

    • Shotgun the second if it is still available!

      • no can do, there’s no PM on here.
        try this instead

      • ‘On here’ as in on TSA?

        Yes there is. In the forums.

      • doesn’t help when I cant find them

      • Ok, so if you go to the forums, above all the topics etc on the right hand side of the page, you should have some option buttons along the lines of ‘Members’, ‘Subscribed’ & then the next one is ‘Inbox’. You can also compose messages from here.

        Sorry about the blunt original response, i just thought it was pretty common knowledge is all.

  4. I got a beta code for PS All-Stars yesterday afternoon. I sent it to my sister so she could try it out. I’ll check it out myself and let you guys know what’s up

  5. Aww… I haven’t got one. :-(

  6. Didn’t get one, but not that bothered to be honest, I just don’t like the look of it.

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