Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC Continues To Be Xbox 360 Exclusive

It appears that the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC will continue to be an Xbox 360 exclusive for the foreseeable future.

Bethesda’s marketing head, Pete Hines, has tweeted “We have not announced Dawnguard for any other platform, nor given a timeline for any such news. If we have news, I promise I’d tell you.”


Many had expected Dawnguard to have a month long exclusivity window and that it would appear on PS3 and PC this week but Bethesda may have been forbidden to discuss other formats as part of the Xbox 360 contract.

PS3 owners will be getting the Skyrim 1.7 patch which has recently been released on Steam. The patch contains the updates from patch 1.6 (which has never been released on PS3) including mounted combat, alongside a few extra bug fixes.

The patch will arrive “in the coming weeks”.

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  1. Sigh. The longer this lasts, the more of my interest it loses, which feels like exactly what Microsoft wants.

    • It’s not like any of us are gonna go buy an xbox in order to access a bit of dlc though. yes, it will likely persuade owners of both consoles to go with the 360 version over PS3, but still.

      It might be a few extra quid for the developer, but as a customer and – more importantly – a fan, I feel shafted.

      • I’ve got both consoles and as much as I loved Skyrim, I played it through on the PS3 and have no desire whatsoever to go and blow another 30 quid plus however much the DLC will set me back in order to play it on the 360.

      • Out of interest why did you buy on PS3 over 360? I bought PC over PS3 simply because of modding and it looks gorgeous, plus it also (seemingly to me) gets better support than consoles.

  2. Fuck.

  3. I can never return to Skyrim, it took far too much of my life away from me, I refuse to return to that world ever again. It consumed my life for far too long.

    • do you regret it?

    • In the words of Meatloaf, “You took the words right out of my mouth”.

  4. Please tell me no-one is surprised by this??

    What was the exclusivity period with Fallout 3 DLC? A year wasn’t it?

    • Yes but this exclusivity deal was only for 30 days which is up today I think so they could release it anytime from now

      • As they have not announced a PS3 or PC version of the DLC then there could not be a 30 day exclusicty window. That was just assumed.

      • Yeah, that’s pretty much what i thought TC – Just rumoured (or even worse, just assumed) rather than actually confirmed.

  5. Approaching the 100 hour mark on Skyrim and more than happy to wait for DLC. Based on Fallout 3 I have no expectation to see DLC any time soon, just so long as it does arrive and doesnt break the game. Getting the 1.7 patch would be nice though….

    • I’m over 360 hours and I still haven’t done everything, though I have started numerous new games.

  6. help me out here, is it pronounced sky-rim or like skrim?!

    • The first one – The second one is a sexual practice with Skrillex.


      • do people have to shave down one side of their “parts” for that?

      • Yep & constantly wearing shades is a prerequisite too.

    • Why would it be pronounced skrim? Don’t think there are any words with a silent y are there?

      • probably not, but when i think of it as sky-rim i can’t help but think it should be 2 seperate words!

      • “Martyr” has a dodgy letter Y, the analogy would be be something like “Skerim” phonetically.

      • Marylebone.

        I was forever pronouncing it as Mary-le-bone until i qite obviously realised that the y is not pronounced!

  7. I have it on both consoles – i’m still going to wait for the dlc on PS3 though. I think Skyrim is better on PS3 so i’ll happily wait for DLC. It won’t be anymore expensive but it will run better. Annoying for the people that don’t have both consoles though, I feel liberated by the fact I can buy it at any point.

    • Really? Have you seen any of the comparisons between the different versions? If I had both consoles I’d always go with the PS3 version of a game but Skyrim would be the exception. The framerate problems are/were just too severe.

  8. A few game companies have lost a lot of money from me this Gen. I refuse to buy any DLC i have to wait for because Microsoft(Xbox 360) get it first + i then buy their games 2nd hand off eBay. So if game companies treat me like cr*p, i treat them like cr*p & they get none of my support on the internet & none of my money + i wish PS3 fans wouldn’t buy COD DLC to, oh well.

    • Yeah, because you were buying soooo much DLC last gen right?

    • I thought you flat out refused to get any Multi Plat games? If you think exclusive deals are treating you like crap, then you must really hate EA and Capcom. ;) Also does it matter if MS gets it first? as i serverly doubt that they have farted on it before it was sold to you.

  9. Oh yay we get a patch… >.>

  10. Not the GTAIV situation repeating again I hope. A year exclusive(or there abouts,) was taking it too far. (especially when you bought all the prev games, that help made the series, the success it is. Disheartening & unrewarding, to a loyal fanbase.)

    • I wouldn’t go as far to boycott 1unit sale, to cut my nose off, or change preferred platform.

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