Watch The First WRC 3 Gameplay Footage

Let’s be honest: WRC games haven’t exactly blown us away. If the quality of this gameplay footage is anything to go by, that might be about to change.

It’s impossible to know how well it will control or feel but this certainly looks fantastic and as far as I can tell, it seems like it’s playing well too. Maybe some of our hardcore racers can give us their opinions in the comments?


This demonstration shows the Spain track but the final release will feature all of the official tracks, along with over 35 cars and 50 teams. There’s a 360, PS3, PC and Vita version all in the works and it should be out on October 12th.



  1. Fingers crossed….!

  2. Woah, the graphics are a huuuge step up, stage design too. If that’s how well Spain looks, i’m hoping for an equally impressive Finland. Looks like it’s a gravel setup on the car, gravel wheels and mud flaps anyway, so hopefully in the finished article the car will be lower and on bigger wheels for this stage in particular.

  3. From an arcade point of view I don’t think I can name a decent rally game since Colin Mcrae 2.
    So I don’t see why this one will be any different?

    Richard Burns Rally is the best of them all in my opinion though with its steep learning curve,and nothing remotely touches it.

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