Community Chronicle: 29/07/12

Welcome to this special Olympic themed edition of the Community Chronicle! Although, having said that, I realise now that it’s not really going to be Olympic themed, just that it’s going to come out at the same time as some things from the Olympics.

I guess I can force some clumsy references in here somehow.

You surely know the drill by now, where the first segment is home to the gaming set ups of our readership. In the spotlight this week is Origami Killer, and I’ll hand over to him to explain:

My set up is a little messy. Everything is actually set up on a computer stand, but it works well for everything I have.

There’s a slim PS3 which I use, and a half dead launch PS3 which just lies there at the moment. There is an unused Wii in there somewhere, the where abouts of the controllers for it are unknown. Rockband guitar to the right and drums left, both unused as batteries run out. PSeye and Move controllers are in there too.

I do live up to my TSA username as you can spot my origami figures on the TV, the one from heavy rain and the other is a shark – I used to also have a hippo but that was damaged. Whatever way you look at my set up its pretty much a PlayStation affair! Oh, and if you are wondering what the green thing is; its a free bag from BCM.

Sadly my Vita and sackboy are out of the picture. I’ve rambled here.

Not a bad set up, OK, and looks like you’ve a pretty big collection of games too! I guess you’re already in training for the 2016 Olympics, where they’re introducing eSports for the first time? (This is sadly a total lie)

If you too would like to show off your shiny gaming rig, or reveal a hugely messy pile of gaming junk, then head to the bottom of this page, where you can submit photos and/or tales of your gaming exploits.

Maybe a slightly quieter week on the accomplishments side of things, so we’ll focus on some of the smaller things in life instead.

Element666 popped up with what I believe to be one of only two Platinum trophies to be proudly announced this week, but we do have LTG Davey playing Virtua Fighter 5 and managing 100% of the Achievements for it. It only took him two hours, though! Freezebug seems to have enjoyed NASCAR The Game: 2011, though, as he’s taken the top trophy before anyone else for the fastest on our leader boards!

On the hunt for the top trophies, though, we do have Youles desperately trying to get the final, insanely tough trophy to lock up the trophy cabinet from Plants vs. Zombies. So close, yet so far! Crazy_Del is also closing in on the Platinum for Ridge Racer Unbounded, but needs a little help some time.

Enjoying the finer things in life were Steven, completing From Dust; Blast71, with Hydrophobia; and XisTG with a play through of ICO. All three somewhat flawed these days, but I believe they’re all pretty enjoyable too! R1MJAW has also been playing through and taking all the trophies for Quantum Conundrum.

Meanwhile, out in the Real World TM, Element666 has been gunning for the trophy for “Most BBQs Attended”. Quite a tricky one to get. It’s all about pacing yourself. Also in it for the long haul is Tuffcub, who has been playing a game known as Flat Hunting. His reward, should he accomplish this? Supposedly he can get him self a quite ridiculous 70″ 3D TV…

Colmshan’s equation of bandwidth, figuring out how hard PS+ and Steam’s sales hurts your bandwidth was the runaway winner in last week’s poll, so a cow pat on the back for you!

Heading to this week’s Comment of The Week poll rather swiftly, we have five comments to choose from, to poorly symbolise the five rings logo. Also an extra comment, because Al told me he liked it. Bonus points in the comments if you can guess which one it is!

There was an astounding level of pessimism and cynicism this week, nicely encapsulated by Jas-n’s comment on an article about Sony’s press outings at Gamescom. On the other hand, Bilbo_bobbins was rather enthusiastic about the idea of a £99 PS3… Then he was mocked mercilessly by Forrest and bmg_123 for some (hopefully imagined) devious behaviour.

PoorPaddy89 hopes we’ll see some trophies added to the regular rounds of PSN Maintenance Endurance Non-Gaming we have to endure, whilst John Malcolm expresses some worrying attachment to the same periods of enforced offline… ness in his lovely poem.

There’s a sense of Deja Vu, as Colmshan repeat’s the hope that the PES demo doesn’t have an unskippable video, but it’s really the mildly incestuous circle of likes and stated likes from the already featured Bilbo_bobbins and Forrest, with a little bit of Youles thrown in too, that got enough likes that I basically had to include it here.

Finally, Carson321 requests a little help on the pronunciation of Skyrim… who else to “help” out than Forrest. That man is everywhere this week.

Time to put in your vote for which thing Forrest said deserves gold.

Don’t forget that if you spot a comment during the week that you think should be in the poll, just nominate it by hitting the thumbs up button, so it stands out when I’m hunting next week. Until next week, I leave you with the submission form for Rigs and Achievements:

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  1. You just can’t escape forest this week, literally everywhere!

    • Check the shadows… I might be there! :)

  2. I swear Forrest is trying to win a date with Bunimomike by being everywhere on TSA. If he does win it, then poor Bmike as you don’t want to know what he did to the Elder. He has gone into therapy because of him! :o

    • I don’t need a date with bunimo – I am not one to come between a man, a woman & their playstation(s). Besides which, he already groomed me & i have gotten too old for him now.

      Elder mike is ok – He just has to have some recovery time from all that sweet, sweet gyrating.

  3. Nice selection of games there Origami, I did scan desperately for Hannah Montanna, but alas couldn’t see it :P
    Wow, only two platinums during this week….must be the hot weather, oh and Del getting pissed off with Ridge Racer lol.
    Forrest will get nominated most weeks I’d suspect, the dude just has a funny take on just about everything ;)

    • haha! no embarrassing games in my collection!

      • Oh, but there are a lot of embarrasing games. *photoshops in a lot of embrassing games* :p

    • Hannah Montana must be the game he has turned around! the game over sports champions in the top right corner!! :P

      • Wait how did you know that?! :P

        Just kidding its Sniper Elite V2 ;)

    • @freeze Just the MP trophies…. not the game itself =P

    • Cheers Freeze! (cheque is in the post mate…)


  4. ….regarding my mention, I’ve just grabbed the last couple of trophies and Platinum for Plants vs Zombies and have hit the 30 Platinun milestone, wohoo! ;) I died on wave 41 so only just scraped the last trophy!!

    Nice tidy collection Origami, I must send mine in at some point!

    • i never bothered much with that because i can’t even collect all the flowers and stuff. for the life of me i can’t figure it out wih specimen is missing :/

      • Oh really – I read that you needed 39 (which excludes a few specialist ones) then checked my inventory against that weird flower encyclopaedia thingy to find out which ones I needed. After that it took a fair bit of grinding Survivor mode until I got the final ones I required :(

    • thanks for the tip ;)

  5. Cheers for the mention,I now need to go running all week to get rid of all the food I’ve eaten :D

  6. If it helps, I can double the number of platinums earned this week- I finally got my first Vita platinum, Motorstorm RC. Then I turned on the PS3 and guess what popped up there too? :P

    • Origami Killers Hannah Montana? :P

      haha no but seriously nice going colm! =D

    • @MJB Haha, the lengths people will go to :P
      @Colmshan Major spoiler there man, that was to be next weeks Chronicle trophy count!! :P

  7. nice collection OK!
    and i have waited enough now, time to send in my setup! =D

    • Just make sure you dont take the pic with your shaky camera!

      • hahaha! i promise!
        *mumbles damn YT!*mumbles*

        u want some Arsenal in there too? :P
        i will try to hide as much as i can but it’s hard since we are sitting in a room full with Arsenal stuff! =D

    • DO IT! :)

    • I could send mine in i suppose – Not much to it, but does the job.

      Although, the size of my pile of shame & the sheer amount of dust on various things really should make me think twice. :)

  8. I am desperate to get Ridge Racer trophies/Platinum
    Very desperate.
    Thanks for the mention. I am very close to take a pic of my gaming set up but its a real mess at the moment and I can’t be bothered lol

    • Can’t you include a random or two to make up the numbers?, That’s usually the case in most online trophies that require a full lobby and it’s always down to luck that even pre-arranged friends can make it in, I always find.

      • Depends on whether its being held on a day when everyone who has confirmed can attend! *rolls eyes*


        Personally, i reckon if we can get one more to make 6, that should probably do it tbh. There has to be at least a couple of randoms out there!

      • It sounds like Ridge Racers randoms are a lost tribe, where dem Inca’s gone :P

      • The lesser Spotted Random is indeed a very strange beast – They generally only come out when they know its safe to & usually in pairs.

        This of course is supposed to be for a form of protection so one can watch the others back whilst they drink from the watering hole, but this just makes for a larger meal for the regular voracious TSA member.

      • I finally got the 8th player.
        @Freeze and Forrest
        The lobby is very quiet I have been racing 1v1 all the time never 2 or 3 players. Also if a player leaves then the trophy/stat don’t count =(

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