FIFA Is The UK’s Top Selling Videogame Brand

The top ten videogame brands from 1996 to 2012 have been revealed for the first time – and FIFA’s number one in terms of both copies sold and money made.

The data, which GfK Chart-Track has issued to Eurogamer, shows that EA’s football game is massively popular, and has been since the Megadrive days – however, it’s the most recent one – FIFA 12 – that is the best seller.


Mario is second in terms of copies sold, and third in terms of revenue – the best selling Mario brand game is Mario Kart Wii, which is also the UK’s biggest selling single-format game.

Call of Duty is third by number of copies sold, and second in revenue – the figures include Game of the Year editions and so on, but it’s worth noting that the biggest selling CoD game is Black Ops.

Here (via GAF) are the charts in a more readable format:

Best selling brands by units sold:

2. Mario
3. Call of Duty
4. The Sims
5. Grand Theft Auto
6. Sonic
7. Star Wars
8. Need for Speed
9. Lego
10. Pokemon

Best selling brands by revenue:

2. Call of Duty
3. Mario
4. Grand Theft Auto
5. The Sims
6. Star Wars
7. Need for Speed
8. Sonic
11. Pokemon
12. Lego



  1. I’m not surprised, our country is gripped by football and there is nothing better than FIFA for football. I’ve always said that PES is actually a better game, and I still beleive that, but FIFA is a more polished title and ties closely to Sky Sports which is huge for its attraction to our country. Anothe rkey factor in its sales I think is Pro Clubs. I’ve never experienced a better online game mode for a football game and i’ve met some great people whilst playing this mode. Its a really great feature and no doubt adds to FIFA’s popularity and continued replay value. Games like FIFA and CoD have very competitive online modes which I think make them a lot more successful, its very impressive to see games like GTA and Mario still competing with those games. (I know GTA has multiplayer, but not to the standard of the aformentioned) Pokemon is another, great to see it on the list.

  2. IIm shocked Call Of Duty aint at the top but i think it makes sense it’s the biggest sport in the UK and kids of all ages can play it! My little cousin who’s 9 has a Xbox 360 and the only games him and his friends at school play is Fifa!

    P.S. you messed up the second list ;)

    • Well their have been fewer COD games then Fifa and Mario.

  3. Not Farming Simulator? *Shockedface*

  4. where is elder scrolls?

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