Real Battle Mechs To Go On Sale This Year

Mechs are big in Japan, fantastical robots piloted by wide eyed school kids saving the Earth, pure fantasy right?


Wrong. Say hello to KURATAS, the first human piloted Mech that will be available to buy later this year. The four metre high robot comes equipped with Gatling guns, rocket launchers and huge arms to crush your enemies.

Each KURATAS will be custom built so you can specify colour schemes and any special weaponry or attachments, ‘We can ever add a mop and make a cleaning bot,’ informs the website – like anyone is going to choose that.

The mech can by controlled by using joysticks and a touch screen interface which is running a custom built OS called ‘AE V-Sido’.

According to the promotional blurb KURATAS can also be controlled via Kinect, hopefully with more accuracy than the recent Steel Battalion game.

KURATAS will be available to order as soon, I’m thinking we need to get one to stand outside TSA Towers like our own version of ED 209.

Source: Suidobashi Heavy Industry



  1. No jump pack? I’ll pass until Kuratas 2.0 thanks.

  2. What’s wrong with the mech i built for guarding TSA towers!? It’s still working and uses the latest tech from last year. I will admit that i could have put in a better power management system but i was told that we couldn’t afford it.

    I suspect Kinect is not the best thing to use when controlling a battle mech. ;)

  3. I want an underground fight club to spring up around this

    • Robot Wars: the next generation. ^_^

  4. Finally my dreams of world domination is getting closer…

  5. Kinect as a control method for a real mech? What if you sneezed?

  6. Completely ridiculous but much like the Tron light cycle & Batmobile WAAAAAAAANT.
    That said – I don’t ever, EVER see myself climbing (or fitting) in the cockpit!

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