Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Trailer

A new trailer has been released for ‘Silent Hill: Revelation 3D’, I rather liked the previous Silent Hill movie and the belated sequel is looking all shades of awesome.


The script, which is based in part on Silent Hill 3, finds Harry Mason (Sean Bean) and his daughter, Heather (Adelaide Clemens), having visions calling them back to Silent Hill.

Although the film is a direct sequel to the 2006 movie, Sean Bean is playing a completely different character – or is he? IMDB seems to think he will be playing both Harry Mason and Christopher Da Silva and it has been confirmed Radha Mitchell is returning to play Rose Da Silva, Christopher’s wife.

Many of the Silent Hill monsters are present, the deformed humans, the nurses (new and improved with brain faces) and yes, Pyramid Head is back but this time he is piloting a fairground ride.

We would guess that the merry-go round he is driving is less cute wooden horses and more big stabby knives and beheadings.

I’m not a fan of 3D but the transformation scenes where the real world peels back to the deformed, smokey world of Silent Hill could be fantastic in three dimensions.

Looks suitably scary, what do you think?

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  1. What is this, Game of Thrones season 3? :-P

  2. Ah, the first Silent Hill film…. what a pleasant surprise that was. Really impressed.

  3. that looks bloody good! very true to the game as well.

  4. Another game based film that doesn’t please the die hard fans. Pyramid Head should never be in the presence of Heather – It just doesn’t make sense. And whoever was in charge of drawing up the Seal of Metatron design for the film has got it completely wrong from the design seen in the first Silent Hill game. Just seems they forget true Silent Hill fans will be watching. It’s the little details that count!

  5. Looks decent. The first film was decent but it did cock up on the lore a lot. Such as Pyramid Head hunting what’s her name when in the games he was a reflection of Harry’s(?) doubts and fears i think. But it didn’t take a massive dump on it, like Resident Evil Extinction which pretty much said feck you to the fans and implented some supernatural bullcrap. Don’t even get me started on Afterlife which tried to use elements from Resi 5 but failed due to it not making sense! How the feck did the T-Virus turn into Las Plagas when both are completely different, one is a virus created by umbrella and the other is a parasite found in Spain. Oh, i got a bit off topic there. But seriously, how can you feck that up!?

    Not a fan of 3D and dislike it when 3D is in the title as it is lazy. I really hope there won’t be any stupid looking shots in 2D. And is that actual tension in a horror film? :O I thought Hollywood had banned the use of it. Also, i wonder if they will use the UFO ending?

  6. Enjoyed the first film, I’ll probably catch this in the cinema. Seems decent, although i’ve never played a silent hill game

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