WeView Verdict: Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Perhaps it was Peter’s 6/10 review, or perhaps no-one liked the look of the game anyway but from the response to Ghost Recon Future Soldier’s WeView it seems that nobody really played the game. Just three of you put forwards your opinion of the game this week, although E8_BALL_ gets an honourable mention for being the first person I’ve ever seen rate a game as Burn It.

Before we get to what those three had to say about the game, I thought I’d share a few of my thoughts. I played some of the retail version of the game over the weekend, the first time I’ve touched the finished game, and I’m actually really enjoying it. It feels like one of the most tactical games I’ve played in a while, with the drone’s aerial view adding a nice dimension and giving you the opportunity to really think about how you and your squad are going to approach enemies.

There are certainly problems, it can be pretty tricky to know if shooting one guard will alert others for example, but personally I’m finding it an enjoyable play, even if the plot and its presentation does appear to borrow very heavily from the Modern Warfare series. However, that’s enough of what I thought, what did our three participants think?

First up is LTG Davey, and it seems they disagree with me heavily about the game’s tactical feel. They praised the way that earlier games in the series allowed you to “easily issue commands to fellow squad mates, as well as a variety of different forms of support such as tanks and helicopters,” and angrily wondered why “Ubisoft has dropped all of this and instead given us, what is essentially, a third person Call of Duty game!”

However, despite the changes from earlier games in the series, they still found it an enjoyable game. They noted that the “gameplay is rock solid and probably some of the best I’ve seen from the genre,” and praised the game’s cover system and the addition of stealth sections. On the downside though, Davey seems to have had a lot of problems with the game’s online, citing significant amount of lag and numerous disconnections.

[drop2]MadBoJangles was even less impressed with the game, saying that it “Felt very ‘been there done that before’,” which is something I can understand. They only found it interesting enough to play the first few missions, and complained that “the drone thing does 95% of the level for you,” which is an element I personally enjoyed. They did comment that it might play well in co-op, although they haven’t tried it yet.

Finally we have sabbat7001, who called it one of the most disappointing games of 2012, complaining that the “campaign was so bland that I’d be hard pressed to recall a specific moment beyond the first couple of missions,” with missions quickly starting to blur together. They had a little more love for the game’s survival mode, Guerilla, but found that “again fatigue set in after playing it a half dozen times.”

The games sound and graphics are where it really fell apart for sabbat though, saying that they make it clear that the game was stuck in development limbo for years. In particular they felt that “Every single voice actor in the game seems to have a perfomance more wooden than an IKEA showroom,” and that “the cut scenes are so ugly and stiff you’d think you were watching something from an early PS2 game,” something I really didn’t find with the Xbox 360 version.

Whilst the co-op didn’t save the game for sabbat, they did find it the most enjoyable aspect of the game. During four player co-op sessions “the games limitations were quickly set aside,” with “Coordinating with friends on tactics” being the only time they really enjoyed the game. The game’s sync shot system comes into its own in co-op as well, with sabbat calling a four enemy take down “a twisted pleasure I never got tired of”.

Despite the negative reaction to the game, we do have a tie in the verdict. Bargain Bin ItRent It and Avoid It each received one vote, so it seems you really shouldn’t pay full price for the game no matter what you do.

As always, if you have a game you’d like to see in WeView then drop a comment below with your suggestion.



  1. Can we have burn it as an offical option on all future weviews?

    Also, i have some suggestions. Fallout3/NV, The Elder Scrolls Oblivion, Batman Arkham Ayslum/City,GOWHD,FF6-9,FF13-2,Dragon Age Origins and that piece of monkey crap that is two,Fallout 1,2 and Tatics,From Dust,Deus Ex:HR,THPSHD,AC2,AC:B,DMC1-3,Bioshock 1/2,Grand Theft Auto 4, Red Dead Redemption,Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, LA Noire, GT5,Killzone 2, Saints Row the Third,Red Faction 1,Half Life 2. I may have gotten a bit carried away.

    • Pretty sure a most of them have been done mate! but im with you on having a Burn It on an official weview verdict.

    • Most of these are pretty old now though :/

      • So? I believe we shouldn’t just look at games that have come out in the past year. :)

      • Are you suggesting a weview of ET?

      • Get out!

      • Usually WV follows games released in the last few months, those which people overlook as well

      • It should change as it would be interesting to see what people think of games that were released in the past few years. :)

      • There is that, but i think the idea is to capture those that have played the game whilst it is still fresh in their minds.

        Like, all i could tell you about Fallout 3 right now was that i poured about 180 hours into it & got the platinum. I also liked VATS.

        Doesn’t make for much of a weview does it? :)

  2. Must of missed this but my overall verdict would be Bargain bin it i think it steers away from what made the other Ghost Recons great and tried to be like Call Of Duty/Battlefield i would of said bargain in it.

  3. Never did like the look of this game so not surprised by the verdict, Dark Souls for next week?

    • I’ll probably give it a RAGEQUIT IT rating when it is on weview.

      • This must be a option Kris, heh.

      • You call yourselves gamers? pfft ;)

      • Says the bloke who got stuck on Fallout:New vegas and caused me to waste half an hour trying to help you untill you realised that you could change the diffculty on it. ;)

      • Well this is awkward :P

      • Yeah, but the hardcore trophy is confusing – It makes you assume you need to play on a higher difficulty, when in fact all you need to do is pop the option of hardcore on & then drop the dificulty to whatever suits you.

        You wouldn’t be the first one to be caught out by that (if that was indeed what happened of course!).

      • Yeah…that’s what happened…

        Actually I was wondering why it was so hard, and didn’t realize they was a difficulty option. Then I was looking through settings for the first time and found that I had it on hard and quickly put it down to easy :P

  4. Was hyped for this game, until I played it at a friends.
    I’d have burned his copy, but he’s about 6ft tall & 6ft wide.

  5. I guess I’m one of the few that’s really enjoying this game, got it 2 days ago, its no battlefield but its a nice change.

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