August’s PlayStation Plus Game Of The Month Likely To Be Dead Space

Have you played all of last month’s PlayStation Plus stuff? Have you even downloaded it yet? Well, if you’ve not yet grabbed Deus Ex, today’s a good day to do it, as from tomorrow there’s a new Game Of The Month to replace the first person stealth-em-up.

Despite a delay to the announcement, it’s likely to be – from the various clues from SCEE at least – Dead Space, or its sequel. The clues? An apple, some space in between some buildings, a clown (scary!) and a line cutter… The only tricky one is the apple, but then you think of Isaac Newton.


Hopefully we’ll get confirmation tomorrow. Either way, the Plus service continues to be excellent value, and is easily the best way to get hold of lots of games for very little money.

US Plus subscribers get the first two Walking Dead episodes.



  1. *Sigh*

    Wish I had stopped my sub from auto-renewing.

    I love all this free stuff we’re getting, but a good 75% of this year’s stash has been stuff I already own.

    To echo what I said earlier today, I really hope Gotham City Impostors and/or The Walking Dead turns up some time this month.

    • I too find myself jealously eyeing up the US games.

    • And funnily enough, the US are always complaining that EU updates are better than theirs. Grass is always greener on the other side.

  2. Finally a Game i don’t want to play!

    • I still have all the previous months stuff to play. Only just installed Infamous 2! and I haven’t even played Infamous 1 when I had it free last summer!

    • I’m still waiting to say “Finally a game I want to play”

    • I’m with you there Mikey. Since joining PS+ a couple of months ago I’ve had to pass on a few games I’d really like to play because I just don’t have the time. So, I’m, quite relieved that Dead Space is up next as I don’t really enjoy the genre.
      No, back to Deus Ex…

  3. Hopefully it will be the first one as I only have DS2, im a selfish bugger :P

    • My sub runs out at the end of next month as well, wont have time to play any of the games the service has given me :/

      • …& that is why i am not a plus subscriber (well, that & the lack of HDD space at least).

        I don’t even have enough time to play all the games i buy, but at least i can put them down & come back to them at a later time if i wish without having to ‘reactivate’ my account with a further monetary transaction.

        Now i suppose you have the dilemma of whether you pay to renew your sub so you can play those games, or just write them off. I would personally have to go for the latter. :(

      • Yeah I’m going with the latter, but also due to the lack of support for anything Vita with plus.

  4. I get most of the clues, but missing the point on what a clown has to do with anything?

    Am i being a bit dim here?

    • “clown (scary)”

      • Please tell me that is not the only link??? That’s a tenuous one at best!

        Not everyone finds clowns scary. Tim Curry went a long way to change this of course, but still.

      • Its the only one I could see, your right. However there is a stigma attached to clowns these days that related to horror so I can see where the author of the article is coming, wether thats indeed what was meant by the clue only Sony knows.

  5. The tagline jests but it’s right! I had to issue a “be gentle with the broadband” (to my flat-mate and Hannypoppie) just until August after utterly rinsing it during the Steam sales. Poor BT Infinity. The fibre-optic cable must be smoking!

  6. Dead Space 1 would be good – I still need to Platinum it and could do a bit here and there without having to change discs.

    • I hope you aren’t planning on using your disc-based save file to complete the tasks required for Platinum.
      The PSN-based versions almost always use a separate save file.

      • That doesn’t surprise me, I had a similar issue with one of the Tomb Raider games when I bought the collection – even though both were on disc!
        I still have DS1 on disc so it’s not a big deal, would just be handy

  7. More than happily play this bad boy through again, one of best games this gen

  8. It will be the first time I own one of the free games. The apple thing gave me high hopes it would be an Assassin’s Creed, but oh well :)

    • I thought the same Revalations where you zip line, The Apple of eden, the buildings for jumping on lol. the clown???? God knows.

      • the clown could be a reference to the jester maybe…

  9. think i got this game at launch cause i was soooo impressed by the demo! those of u that havn’t played this masterpiece have truly missed something!! =D

    • if it is the first game that will….
      awww i hate these pointless posts where u have to correct urself!

  10. This is the first game they have given away that I have played.
    Still gonna grab it, its a great game.

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