Could We Get A GTA V Release Date Today?

[drop2]Grand Theft Auto is massive – it’s a game that, even with something simple like a couple of new screenshots, manages to attract a huge amount of attention.

But the latest – GTA V – is still without much in the way of details or, crucially, a release date.


That, however, might change today, as Take-Two’s first investor call based on 2013 will be happening today at 4:30 PM Eastern Time, so we should be hearing it late this evening.

GTA V won’t be shown at gamescom next month, but that doesn’t automatically rule out a 2012 release. It’s unlikely – the game is far more likely to appear in 2013 – but we can still hope.

We’ll obviously update you as and when, but feel free to speculate in the comments!



  1. Speculation.

    • I’m inclined to speculate to as to the veracity of your statement.

  2. Hope so, i’ve been reading ‘Jacked’ by David Kushner, its got me psyched for GTA.

  3. As much as I’d like an exact date date, I can’t see an announcement being anything more than “2013”, or at a push a specified season like summer 2013.

    • I agree with this. i certainly can’t see it coming out in 2012 anyway.
      Also after the disappointment that was IV (i found it a bit dull) I’m not all that bothered one way or the other.

      • Really? I love GTAIV and am still playing through it at the moment. Despite the lack of stuff to do compared to SA, I personally prefer the grittier tone and better story/characters in IV.

      • I can see what you mean by dull. I think it was certainly less unorthordox, Saints Row took the reigns in that particular department. Having said that, I don’t persnally think it was dull. I think there was so much to explore and so many missions to do with some fantastic multiplayer modes, that it more than made up for its lack of wacky-ness. I think GTA grew up when IV was released.

  4. I doubt Rockstar will release GTA5 this year as they never release two games within the same year. And i suspect that they are still coding the game. As i think they love showing us what they have done with their games when they’ve finished or nearly completed coding it.

    Can see it being released within the next 2 years. :)

    • GTA V’s its official name, you wouldn’t like it if I called you Clare… ir would you? :P

      • Actually, he does like that…

      • You know me too well Cindy. ;) Plus, it’s Or, Jas-n not ir. ;)

  5. Personally I’d love it to be released this year, not because i want it now (I seriously do), but going though all this time with 1 trailer, 2 screens, and minimal info, without a leak, or hype being killed is fantastic.
    I don’t want a trailer every 2 months showing how things are progressing whilst killing hype/excitement and the gameplay.

    • Couldn’t agree more. The drip-fed nature we seem to be in at the moment diffuses surprise and enthusiasm with every step.

  6. I certainly hope that it’s not rush-released this year possibly bug ridden with a half arsed plot and barely playable online. I’d rather that took their time and got the game up to AAA standard some time next year!!

    • Yeah, I hope they don’t rush it. There’s been too many games released before they should have been. I think that’s the worst thing about this gen of consoles.

  7. please be this year.

  8. Take your time R* to get it right(don’t want a MP3 mp experience from you again,) if that happens to be this year, sweet. Just make it less serious than IV, but not as ott as SR3(s.andreas on steroids.)
    That would be an updated Andreas, right? I hope so

  9. R* likes October and May for releases so since its too late for an October release I’m going May 2013. But I’ll say this GTA V this October would hurt the November FPS race, and I don’t think Take2 has a pony in that race. So if it is this October we should see a huge amount of GTA V related news pretty soon. And although GTA is probably the only game that could release without any notification and not suffer any lost sales, I’m still guessing May 2013.

  10. I’ll only be interested if GTA V is Vice city like…

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