Deadlight Shows Zombie Games How It’s Done

Deadlight, the zombie shooter from Tequila Works, is out tomorrow on Xbox Live as part of the Summer of Arcade. Initial impressions are that it’s an absolute blast, combining some clever 2D exploration and platforming with the omnipresent threat of zombies.


It’s also rather beautiful – check out the launch trailer above and see for yourselves.

Deadlight will be 1200 Microsoft Points.



  1. Watched IGNs review this morning and I have to say this game looks great. Limbo with Zombies! Sounds great, especially given its only a tenner.

    • Yeah, reminds me of Limbo crossed with Shank….looks really smart, and even some of the level design for a 2D platformer.

      • :) yup. Given I love both of those games it kind of makes this one a no-brainer (bad pun, sorry). Just bought some MS points ready :D

  2. I really hope this is just a timed exclusive like Tony Hawk HD…

    • I believe it’s published by Microsoft so that probably means no. Which is a shame as i would love to see this on psn, it looks fantastic.

  3. Stunning looking. Will give this a second viewing later.

  4. Looks good, but I don’t think I’ll be shelling out 1,200 MS Points for it.

  5. EDGE gave it 6/10, main failing being the controls. Does look pretty though.

    • You could give the guys at Edge a million quid for their birthday and they would complain it wasn’t 2 million, lol.

  6. Had my eye on this for a while now

    2D platformer + great art style + zombies = cant wait, need now

  7. wow! that looks amazing!

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