Final Fantasy III Confirmed For OUYA

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy III will be available on the OUYA console. A date of March 2013 has been given for the launch date, which is supposedly when the OUYA console will be available at retail.

Square Enix has also confirmed that the OUYA version of Final Fantasy III will be fully optimised for the console, with a free demo also being made available. Final Fantasy III originally released in Japan in 1990, but didn’t release in Western markets until 2006 on Nintendo DS. An iOS  version was released in 2011 and an Android version was released in March 2012.


It was also announced that the company will “consider providing additional content for the “OUYA” in the future.” 

Source: Square Enix



  1. Great stuff. The Final Fantasy III remake is probably my favourite FF to have launched in the past decade or so.

  2. Fuck. Yeah.

  3. I was hoping for this, didn’t want to play it on my phone with touch. But isn’t it also coming for the PSVita later this year? Or am I just making that up?

    • I think the only thing confirmed is that the japanese release will have english as well. Hopefully this means it will come over here as well

      • Oh. Once PSOne support hits, I’ll have FF1 – FF9 on my Vita. With the only exception of 3. So I’d like to have it.

    • It’s FF X hd in the remake for ps3 & vita I believe, for squares 10yr anniversary.

  4. Wait. Wasnt one of the main selling points of the console that ‘all the games are free to play’?

    This sounds like the demo will be free but you’ll have to pay for the game – well untill it gets hacked, obv.

    • Elements of games will be FTP. Developers can then charge extra if they wish.

    • I was under the impression that at least some of the content had to be free to play.

    • How can you rage about this project so much and be so ill-informed? Like trollmonster said, OUYA demands that at least some content of a game has to be free to play. They see demos as free to play content so they do not violate these guidelines.

      • My mistake I was going by the wording “”

        Ouya does demos then.?

        Revolutionary, where do I sign up?

      • Revolutionary? Hardly, but nobody said it was. We’re not talking about Apple and their PR machine here.
        However, mandatory demos are a great thing. I wish there was a demo for every game on the PS3. I can’t come up with a reason why demos would be a bad thing.

  5. Make demos mandatory on all platforms for all games. You would see many more sales, I swear!

    • On a platform that is pirated to fuck as it is, and now on console that the encourages you to hack?

      Yup, bound to gabillions of sales there.

      • You are really trying to run for “Most uninformed comments on a single post” aren’t you. Start by understanding the fundamental differences in product markets and go from there, it’s not that hard :P

      • Is this jealousy? Did you miss out on the Kickstarter or something?

      • when it arrives people will see what a joke this machine really is.

  6. OUYA didn’t see that one coming did ya? I’ll grab my coat.

    Is a demo for FF3 even worth playing as FF games tend to start off slow and demos for them wouldn’t really work. IMO. Suspect within hours of it being released, someone will find a way to hack into it in order to get a free copy of it.

    • I don’t get it. Steam is coming to Linux (open system / Android is Linux based) but not a single person thinks that those games will be pirated within an hour.
      We don’t know anything about the final OS that OUYA is going to rely on. We know it will be a customized version of Android 4.0 (for now). However, they could easily disable the functionality to sideload .apk files. What if that setting is locked away and you would need root rights to change that setting? In that case you would instantly lose the ability to connect to the official OUYA store. I think they even mentioned something about having to format the system if you want to gain root rights. Anyways, how is that any different from hacked PS3s or Xbox 360s? There is always a way to pirate. Always. It just depends on how inconvenient it will be for the general public to make use of it. If it’s too much of a bother than most people won’t make use of it.
      Why can’t we just wait and see how it turns out before getting out our pitchforks?

      • One of their selling points is an easy way to root it almost out of the box.

        Pretty sure they won’t cut those guys out of the store.

        And there’s never been a more easy to pirate on a console than what Ouya will provide.

        Don’t kid yourself, this isn’t all rainbows and unicorns.

        As for Steam on Linux- Steam is a DRM service that sells games, don’t forget that. They think they can handle it, we’ll see.

      • “Pretty sure they won’t cut those guys out of the store.”

        They already said they would.

        “And there’s never been a more easy to pirate on a console than what Ouya will provide.”

        It’s not even out yet, however you talk about it like it’s a fact of the past.

        As for DRM: They never openly said that their games would be DRM free. They even hinted at the complete opposite.

        You don’t like the OUYA. I get it. You’ve made that clead several times across multiple news posts. However, your only argument revolves around how easy it will be to pirate OUYA games, which is information that you pulled out of your hat…

      • I’m not pulling piracy concerns out of thin air.

        It’s a very real and widespread problem on Android. This is based on Android, and advertised as ‘open’ and ‘easily hackable.’

        Either it’s not in fact open and hackable, or it’s relying on the good intentions of users to avoid being crippled by piracy.

        You can’t have both today sadly. I’d like it to be a success, but I just can’t see it happening…

        I’m only giving my honest opinion, I’ve been wrong before, but I honestly don’t see Ouya as having even the slightest chance.

        It also annoys me to see people who are so devoted to it before they’ve even revealed what the controller will look like, and have announced merely Android and iOS ports so far.
        All we really know at the moment is that it will be open and easy to hack and code for.

  7. I find the negativity surrounding Ouya quite incredible. Nobody really has any idea how Ouya will turn out, how could they? Yet people seem to be reluctant to give them a chance. I see Ouya has something new, a different take on the industry and if it all goes tits up then so be it, try something new and innovative is respectable in itself, especially in an industry where its very difficult to break the mould.

    • innovative that is the question what is innovative about it?

    • lol yeah it just plays games, personally the other wee finger thingy shown ages ago looked really innovative but Ouya isn’t quite that.

    • It’s just fanboy-ism, the same people the speak so negatively about it now, will defend it just as passionately if it becomes popular. It’s new and people fear change, but once it becomes normal everybody will try to say they were there first. That why I love the idea of etching your user name on every 1st edition console… I only wish I could have afforded that option

    • fanboy-ism is no where in this comments section?

    • Whatever it is, it comes across as flat out hate towards something that’s not even out yet. I don’t mind a realistic approach like “I don’t think it will fare that well” or “I doubt it will make a considerable impact in the industry”. However, people act like they want it to fail, no matter what. Dafuq is wrong with people these days?

  8. Android game coming to Android system shocker

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