“God Of War Saga” Will Drag Kratos Out Again This Year

[drop]Rumours are surfacing that a “God Of War Saga Collection” has been locked down for this year, ahead of next year’s Ascension game.

This latest collection is likely to be an all-in pile of the already released God Of War Collections, combining every single one of Kratos’ PlayStation outings into a single purchase.


Whether or not there’ll be anything new in there – like, ooh, a playable demo of Ascension (probably branded a beta to make it feel more important) – is anyone’s guess.

It’s a good guess though, right?

The Collection is apparently to be released in late August, with presumably some kind of gamescom reveal to get people all excited. Meanwhile, everyone that’s already played through the God of War games will give one big collective shrug.

And then buy it anyway for that demo.



  1. Yaaawn – So tired of Kratos now.

    When are we going to see his half brother Fluffademius who defeats enemies with positive thoughts & pixie dust? He’s a much nicer chap.

    • Oh forrest, have you thought about a job in games developments.

      • Actually, i would like to be a QA tester if truth be told, but if Sony Santa Monica want to contact me about mty ideas, they know where i am. ;)

      • I filled out a thing through facebook about a course to become a QA tester. Got a call this afternoon about it :)

      • It wasn’t with Train2game was it?

      • Yeah, why?

      • Heh, before you say anything, there was something a bit dodgy about it on the phone – dunno what but it was something at the back of my mind. Just did a bit of googling and it seems a little odd. Contacted them just now saying thanks but no thanks :P

      • Yeah, i was interested in the same course as you it seems – Filled out the paperwork at Eurogamer & a couple of months down the line a representative called me to arrange an informal meet & greet. So far so good.

        Then when the meeting was arranged over the phone, i enquired as to where we would meet (thinking an office of theirs or maybe even a cafe or something) & the response i got was “it’s ok, we’ll come to your house”! Slightly creepy & a little weird, but i was that interested i carried on with it to see what was on offer.

        Anyway, the fella came to my house & had a couple of aptitude tests for me to complete & stuff (which was a little weird considering i thought i was just getting further info!) they were all pretty standard common sense sort of things & then he gave me a dvd to put on to watch. It was all pretty much above board & seemed very credible, but i started to get a little concerned about the time we began to talk about my interest in it.

        I said i was interested to find out more & would definitely consider the course & that was when i was told that they would like to get me started the following week & that the ‘forward charge’ for the course would be in the region of £3k… Upfront.

        Suffice to say, i was somewhat put off by this.

        As far as i know they are credible enough (& i checked & habn’t found anything online about it being a scam), but they just hadn’t answered enough of my questions to comfort me, so i opted out. It just seemed so strange that what was initially a meet & greet ended up being an informal interview, the course was about to start within a week for some reason & before i even started on that, i was about to be £3k out of pocket.

        This would of course be fine if i came out of the end of it with a useful qualification & decent contacts & stuff, but at that time, I couldn’t find anyone who knew anything of the TIGA qualification they were offering (& it seemed to only be companies associated with them that knew anything of it). I’m not even sure if it’s recognised by anyone else now tbh.

        Additionally, after a little search around the net, i discovered that you could apparently look up most of the course material online for free & that i was probably better off without the course due to my previous experience of testing work related systems!

        I did not pursue any further & ‘saved myself’ £3k.

        To be honest, i couldn’t see anything my money would be used for except for to make some contacts in the industry & i am not sure that was worth £3k (& wasn’t even guaranteed either).

        Up to you if you decide to pursue it further for your own interest (if you do, let me know how you get on), but i just thought i should let you know what my experience was.

      • Cheers for that dude, as I say I’ve cancelled it. Found it kind of creepy too that they would send a guy round, especially since he ‘luckily’ lived so close by. I feel kinda freaked out now too that they have my address, email and phone number…

        Yeah, I don;t think it’s a scam, more like a bit bullyish and certainly nowhere near worth the money. Gaming isn’t what I particularly want to do; I’d be open to it, but its not my life’s goal. Gonna make the sensible choice like yourself and hold off.

        I had read it was expensive, but £3k upfront?! Like anyone has £3k in their pocket anyway! I’m closer to being £3k in debt!

    • so ready for the next game love his bad ass attitude.

      • Nah, its not bad ass attitude, he just moans all the time – “waah, my family”, “waah, must get revenge”, “waah, got revenge now need to find someone else to bitch at to enable the games makers to make another game”.

        If i feel the desire to hear a lot of moaning, i’ll just annoy the wife for a bit. Much simpler. :)

      • have you played it? if you have you must understand why he is so mad.

      • Kratos is such a one dimensional character. At first I felt for him but halfway through the second game his rage and moaning just got to a point where it was annoying the hell out of me.

      • Yeah, i have played all three titles that have appeared on PS3, hence why i am so very bored of him now.

        Do i understand why he was aggrieved in the first game? Of course. Do i understand why that has continued over – what is it – 6 or so games now? Not really no.

        I personally think that Kratos & his ‘rage’ over pretty much anything has gotten old. Probably a game or two ago if i am honest.

      • you too are not fans to me GOW games are pure quality.

      • Nail on the head there – Definitely not a fan. :P

      • stick to lego then mate :)

      • Oh, I will (still have the clone wars to go yet, unless LOTR comes out first!), but that is my go-to game before beddy-byes when my eyes are tired & i can no longer be arsed with combos, killstreaks, or precision cornering & just want to kick back & play something simple.

        So i still need Hack & Slashers (as well as other things of course) for when i am awake & for that, i will just continue with things like Castlevania, El Shaddai, Lollipop Chainsaw, no More Heroes, Prince of Persia etc, as i personally think that they have a lot more personality & chracter than the angry one.

        Each to their own of course & if you like Kratos/GoW, then there is no reason to be disturbed by my comments. Just as far as i am concerned, i am utterly bored of Kratos now & i think his antics have gone on far too long. :)

      • not disturbed just noticed you bringing up how bad GOW is in past Ascension stories seems your just moaning yourself like you say kratos does :)

      • Yeah, but notice that it doesn’t make me angry & seek revenge! :D

        It also does not cost money for people to see me being moody. Kratos on the other hand… :P

      • Oh & i have nothing against GoW either as i feel the central mechanics are solid, so it isn’t the game itself – I just think they could do with a new central character is all.

  2. I would be tempted with GoW bundle for the Vita.

  3. THey could’ve waited to include all games.

  4. Only if it’s on the Vita.

    I have the trilogy on PS3 and to be honest there’s only so much God of War you need…

  5. Wow, they are on a creative streak it seems.
    Let’s bring out another compilation of all out games that play exactly the same that is basically a compilation of our previous compilations so when our newest game comes out that also plays exactly the same, nobody is going to be sick of it and will totally buy it.

  6. Only GoW3 apealed to me but have heard good things about the other games so might consider getting this.

    • get them mate great games all of them imo.

  7. The collection will be handy for those who have never played a God of War game, although they may be suffering from Kratos-fatigue by the time they plow through that lot.

  8. Would of been interested in this if i already didn’t have the GOW 3 collectors edition.

  9. Just let GoW die already! Sure 8 years ago it was awesome but GoW hasn’t changed enough to keep milking it. Just can this collection and put out a nice 10 year anniversary edition for the PS4.

    • Exactly what i thought! GoW games are good and i enjoyed them all, but they feel, play and even look repetitive after playing the 3rd one/all of them. Same combos, rage, rage, even more rage, sequel to sequel, sequel to prequel, prequel to a sequel… No offense doods, but this is true IMHO

      P.S. GoW Ascension looks good and where’s my Asura’s Wrath 2?

    • 1 game has been released for PS3 this years so far.

      • so far I mean^

      • Technically there’s been 5. GoW 1,2, 3 and both PSP games. Going into GoW3 we were lead to believe this was the end, but just like Star Wars people are more concerned with keeping the “cash cow” on life support instead of just going out with a bang and trying something else new. After a while every game needs to evolve, but GoW remains pretty much the exact same experience for the past 8 years.

      • no fact is 1 PS3 game has been made in 6 years. should GTA stop being made no if it changed its roots I would hate it so would many others some things do not need to change.

      • sorry but one game being made in 6years is not milking a cash cow.

      • GoW can’t even be compared to GTA. It takes alot more man power to make a game like GTA. And if you still want to compare them, GTA1- top down, GTA3 3rd person, GTA SA- you need to maintain your character by working out, GTA IV, you need to maintain personal relationships, Then theres GTA Chinatown Wars for the DS that utilized the DS tech and a new art style.
        And it only proves that they are milking GoW when the re-release the other 4 games for PS3, TWICE! You can already buy every GoW game for the PS3. Why do they need another collection? … oh yea… it’s probably to sell a demo. Then add in all the Kratos cameos, letting nathan drake beat up on Kratos (a God) yea, that’s milking it too. Sony is turning the once great game into a running joke, kinda like CoD… the game you should have used as a comparison instead of GTA. I get it you LOVE GoW, but how many different copies of the same game do we need?

      • oh, and “technically” there’s still 5 GoW games that have been released on the PS3. If they weren’t released you wouldn’t be able to buy and play them on your PS3. You’re confusing released for the phrase- “developed exclusively for”,… but even then all the GoW games were recoded to some degree for the PS3, so those “technically” were also developed exclusively for the PS3.

      • bottom line is just because your board of something does not mean it should end, I’m bored of Mario 12345…… but others like it so have no wish for it to end because people enjoy it, find it selfish how some gamers think cause they have had there fill it should end. I no how many gamers there are but 1 has been made for the PS3.
        if someone has not found GOW yet or are new to the playstation experience would be great value stop thinking like your the only gamer in the world.

        not wasting any more time on this now you have missed the point about GTA.

      • You didn’t make any points about GTA, in fact you didn’t make any points period. Except that your love for GoW automatically makes me wrong and you right. Its just as selfish to want to keep something going just because you can’t come to grip with the fact it’s time for a break or a redesign. I know I’m not the only gamer out there, but more then myself share this opinion about GoW, and the point youre soo blindly missing is THE GAMES ARE ALREADY FOR SALE ON THE PS3!!!!! anybody can buy them already, theres no point in releasing ANOTHER collection. But I’ll give you credit for getting 1 thing right… having a discussion with you is a waste of time. Have fun playing GoW 9 where Kratos starts off super powerful, but still gets stripped of his powers and sent to the underworld, where he climbs and glides his way out, but not before turning a switch or two, and then finishes the final boss, that was actually the first boss battle by a QTE. oh,… sorry my bad… I should have posted a SPOILER ALERT!!!

      • lol

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