WeView: FIFA Street

In some ways FIFA Street captures the spirit of football more than the traditional FIFA games. Of course, the main FIFA series gives a good representation of the professional game but FIFA Street focuses far more on the joy of playing football. Probably the important part of this is the way the game includes friends throughout, pulling their characters into the game and making it feel far friendlier than other FIFA games.

Despite this, in his review of the game, Peter pointed out that the game is more a game about performing tricks than about playing football. He has a point, the game isn’t really about traditional football or the tactics you’d use in a football match, it’s about flipping the ball over the top of your opponent.

Fortunately, Peter felt the controls for the tricks worked nicely, and came off well when combined with FIFA’s physics engine. However, to make it possible to beat other players with tricks the game’s been slowed somewhat, and at times Peter felt perhaps it was a little too slow.

Ultimately though he enjoyed the game, giving it a 8/10, and said this about it:

FIFA Street isn’t like the main line FIFA games, it’s barely even football at times. That’s not to say it isn’t a good game though. Even though I wasn’t expecting something so tuned for trickery and light on actual football, I found myself slowly growing to enjoy it. The systems are well explained, the controls are perfect for the pace and style of gameplay and the presentation is as great as you’d expect. One or two minor niggles aside, FIFA Street is a very enjoyable game, even though it’s not the game I expected.

With Peter’s opinions on FIFA Street out of the way, it’s time for you to put forwards your thoughts on the game. Whether you loved or hated the game, you can let your opinion be known by dropping a comment below, it’s just that easy. Once you’ve worked out just how you feel about the game, remember you need to add a rating to your comment.

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  1. Looks nice,plays nice but it’s lack of game modes does not warrant the £40 price tag! Plus the whole unlocking stuff via difficulty is annoying especially to those who are not really good at the game.. I would say Bargain Bin It (still a great game though)

  2. It’s all right. Very short. The skills are hard to master but they are locked as you have to level up the team/player to unlock/buy skills. The campaign again quite short but fun to play for a while. The worst are Online Cups as there are cheats playing. I was winning 4 – 0 in the final. The player quit (Usually if the player leaves/disconnected you WILL qualify/move up) I lost 4 – 0 to the quitter and he/she qualified. I don’t know how that is possible as I was winning with 4 goals!!!!
    The only great thing is playing with a teammate in the house with a few beers. I play this with my cousin all the time as a team on Hard difficulty (Solo is really hard) and our favourite is 2 v 2 as a team or against for competitive fun.
    I’d say rent it for yourself and have fun.
    If you do get a bargain bin then it’s great if it’s very cheap but then there’s online pass with cheaters.
    So Rent it

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