Deep Silver Teases “Sacred World”, More Details Next Week

Dead Island publisher, Deep Silver, has just launched a new teaser site for “Sacred World.” An accompanying tweet from the firm’s official account reads:

“Blessed are the devout. Hallowed are the pious. The dawn of a new Holy era approaches.”

Aside from a rotating animation, all we have is a date -August 7th- on which we expect to hear the first official details.

The last Sacred title from Deep Silver launched back in 2008 and was met with mixed reviews. Though nothing has been confirmed, the title “Sacred World” suggests an emphasis on the series’ multiplayer functionality. Who knows, perhaps there’s a Sacred MMO currently in the wings. We’ll just have to wait and see.


  1. I’d be happy if they just genuinely fixed the offline co-op play with the other Sacred (that is the same company?)

  2. If’s it not a MMO then great, Sacred 2 is a decent game just sadly suffered from hardware or its release date I guess. ‘but tis a shame it made Ascaron close. Would love more games like it on PS3 and I’m sure Xbox fans would feel the same but likely regarding Sacred I’d prefer it to be exclusive to PC depending if its stable, then maybe port it later on.

  3. I found Sacred 2 to be one of the most shockingly bad games (that garnered semi-decent reviews) in years. Utter, utter shite. I’ll be very careful with anything they produce from here on in.

    • Funny, I think Sacred 2 one of the better games out there.

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