High Moon Banning Transformers Demo Cheaters

Our friends across the Atlantic have had a demo of Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron since Monday and have been reporting a number of unscrupulous individuals caught cheating. High Moon have taken swift action and started banning the Decepticreeps.

Whilst they were busy with the banhammer the team also implemented a number of weapons changes and balances to improve the game.


There will also be additional ‘upgrades’ to the demo on 10th August.

High Moon have also revealed why there are no ‘female’ Transformers in the game: ‘Their slender parts would break the system in place in the customizer tool. We could not do the customizer and do female bots.’

The demo of Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron is available now on Xbox Live, European PlayStation owners have to wait until the PS Store updates later today.

 Source: Twitter



  1. Their “slender parts”? Seriously? Sorry larger ladies, you have no part in our world view…

    • At a glance I thought you created that user just for this comment but then I checked the date. :P

  2. Is it just me that has had their page taken over by some dark evil colour monster, massive 3DS advertisement top left aswell.

    • Nope, i was just going to post the same, black text on black background, can’t read anything except comments.

  3. Just saying these guys are absolutely brilliant. This is a demo and they are using it as a Beta to STILL further improve the game. Cannot wait to try it.

  4. Are there any female transformers? at least in G1? Not to say there can’t be female transformers, just that I don’t remember any.
    Couldn’t they just give a female voice option? I mean, after all, they’re robots in disguise. You don’t really need to give them a female appearance.

    • Yes, plenty. Arcee, Elita 1, Chromia, Firestar, Crasher, Moonracer and, uhm, Angela, are all G1.

      After that there are tonnes more, Black Arachnia, Midnight Express, Airrazor, Roulette, Red Alert, Thunderblast, Twirl, Scylla and who could forget Nancy, the female Junkion!

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