PSN Maintenance Tonight / Tomorrow

Sony have just let us know that the PSN will be down for maintenance tonight, from 1 in the morning until 3 in the morning.

The maintenance, which we’re told is scheduled, will mean that Account Management and the PlayStation Store will be unavailable.


This shouldn’t affect many Euro readers, who should be snug in their beds at that unearthly hour, but if you’re awake, chances are you won’t be able to log into the PSN either.

Sony also say there may be some “additional downtime” after the maintenance period for testing purposes. Hopefully it’ll be back up in reasonable time.

We say: CROSS GAME CHAT!!!1!



  1. I say PS1 Classics on the Vita

    • Would be nice but we’d still have to wait for the Vita FW.

      • That’s kind of what I meant. They sort the store out tonight while we’re all asleep and then release the FW update. I know it won’t be but you never know. Stranger things have happened.

  2. Just had to beat us to it.

  3. Wow, maintenance at a sensible hour! Well done!

    • Dunno, I’ve been up in the early hours and often see fellow TSAers online…. :-)

  4. Maintenance…..jesus H christ ! At least its at a good time.

  5. Dammit, was getting my UC3 on tonight :/

    • Well just log in before the maintenance?

      • provided i get home in time, yes, i will :)

  6. Forget Cross Game Chat, I’m betting on Cross Platform Chat. Boom.

  7. Scheduled, yet not even 24 hours notice. Again.

    • P.S. XGC FTW LOLOLOLOL!!!!!1!!!!1!!!!

  8. damn! 1-3 has been my prime gaming time since about a week ago! no more late nights for me :(

  9. typical, bloody sony, always at the worst time for europe.

    sorry, force of habit. ^_^

  10. CROSS DRESSING CHAP! It has to be that othewise why else would they be kind to us by doing it at a time where most of us will be asleep? Although, a day’s notice would be nice SCEE.

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