Vinyl Versions of Bethesda’s Heroes Coming Soon

Bethesda Softworks have some really iconic characters in their catalogue of games. If you’ve always yearned for a vinyl toy that represents the wanderer from Fallout 3, Pip Boy, a Doom marine or a steampunk Dishonored character then you might be in luck.

Bethesda has given rights to Symbiote Studios to produce a range of vinyl toys based on their characters. The first one is an exclusive Quake design for attendees of Quake-con who ordered the Swag Pack but there’s a Dragonborn toy already designed and due to go on sale at the end of August.


Lucky Quake-con attendees will be able to pre-order the toy in person at Symbiote’s booth but the rest of us will need to nip on over to their website in order to put down our $9.99 pre-order.

I’m a fan of most of Bethesda’s catalogue and I’ve got a shelf full of cool and quirky statues from games or movies so I’m very tempted by this. What about you guys? Any of you collect this kind of merchandise in a big way? Anyone tempted to start with these figures?

Source: Press release



  1. They look kind of childish. They would be a great choice of birthday/xmas present though.

  2. My missus collects Kidrobot Dunny’s, they look very similar but I doubt she is interested. I might be though after seeing a few more designs :)

  3. I shall be getting myself Pip Boy to go with a bobblehead. A Brotherhood of Steel Knight and an Enclave Soldier would be cool too

  4. I was acctually going to buy one, got to the checkout and everything, then saw the shipping cost. 3 times the cost of the acctuall item. Didnt buy one when i saw that

  5. is that second pic actually from a South Park episode?

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