“Real Racing 3” Looks Better Than A Lot Of Console Racers

Back when I reviewed Real Racing 2 I hinted that the game was up there along with Gran Turismo 5. In terms of scale and scope – it’s not – but there were elements, like the brilliant graphics, that made the iPhone and iPad game really shine.

It was a real showcase for the (then) new iPad 2, and it looks incredible on a (now) New iPad. It’s been spoiled slightly by some in-app purchases recently, but it’s still worth getting.

But there’s a new contender – Real Racing 3.

Proper licensed tracks (that’s Laguna Seca) and better graphics again suggests that if FireMonkeys (the new name for the developers) can tweak the physics a little this could be absolutely amazing.

Racing games have always been a nice fit for the iPhone and iPad – controls rarely an issue – but you can’t help wondering what damage something like a Vita version of this might do.

Sony’s machine should be able to cope with this, being as it’s said to be running similar levels of grunt as the New iPad. And everyone knows Gran Turismo will be years away…

Real Racing 3 is out this year.


  1. Trust EA to spoil a game with IAP. Will hold off on this, both because of the potential mass of forced IAP, and the fact that I only have an iPhone 4, which lags on some games already.
    A Vita version would be lovely though. I assume it would come with the final integration of the PS Suite.

    • I don’t think there’ll be a Vita version. There should be, but I don’t think there will be.

      • I dunno…once sales improve and the PS Suite is up, it should be easy to port from Android, so I don’t see a reason for there not to be a Vita version.

  2. Stunning graphics.

    • And that was pre-Alpha!

  3. Looks great. But EA can do one if they think I’m paying anymore than the cost of an initial game! No doubt they will milk as many poor souls as possible then sell us some crap about “you can now rent your own server” and milk even more.
    This is after they entice people with early beta access to Medal of Honour 231,000,456 announced during an interview where they still proclaim Steam has its summer sale thing all wrong!
    Damn shame too as the devs on this seem to have poured so much effort and time into a great looking title. If it comes to the Vita (I doubt it will) then i’ll happily drop an RRP on it but that’s all they would get from me.

  4. Personally, I think it looks a little bland and sterile. Still, having played racers on a couple of touchscreen devices, I will always steer (no pun intended) clear of them in the future, no matter how good they look.

  5. Cars look alright, rest of teh graphics are a bit ropey

    • What you talking bout Willis?
      I don’t see no ropes!

  6. I’d like it on Vita too since I don’t have a iPad or even afford one, it was ok on a iPod Touch but I can’t it well anymore sadly :(

  7. It it a stunning looking game for an iOS game. It could absolutely compete with portable consoles. But other than that it has the physics of a PS2 game with HD graphics.

    Comparing in it with the likes of GT5 and Forza 4 is silly.

  8. Looks wise thats amazing, probably on par with GRID but without the lighting. Fingers crossed the driving is as good as RR2!

  9. EA = no buy

  10. It does look good, but I could never imagine myself being able to play a racing game without a wheel or controller with a thumbstick of some sort to steer. I have never been able to use direction buttons for steering, which I imagine is the closest to a control method that this game will have on iPads etc. This is just a personal shortfall though, as I’d imagine that it’s an awesome little game.

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