BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Announced

Arc System Works’ designer Toshimichi Mori has confirmed the existence of BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma. An announcement trailer has also been released.


The game will see a return of all the current characters of the BlazBlue franchise, as well as the inclusion of three new characters; Azrael, Amane Nishiki and Bullet. The character sprites have also, reportedly, been redrawn and new moves have been included.  BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma has a release window of Winter 2012 for arcades, and a location test is occurring today in Tokyo.

Source: Shoryuken



  1. Have always loved the art style of these games. Shame I suck at beat em ups :(

    • totally agree with the art style. A fanastic looking and animated game. I had Continuum Shift and I’m about average at beat em ups, but I did find the controls to these games really accessible. although understanding all the nuances is quite a task

  2. I think I just saw the gayest character in a fighting game…
    The first revealed of the new characters is going all out. While in other fighting games you can only asume that some characters are gay from the way they talk and/or from some weird facion sence, this one is openly dreased as a geisha! (0:44 on the video)

    Any whay… I’ll might wait for the updaded, complete, balanced edition…

  3. A Location Test?

    What does that involve? Correctly guessing that the game has been left on the coffee table?

  4. That’s great, until they release a “Chrono Phantasma Unlimited” version for home consoles, “Chrono Phnatasma Unlimited Extra” for Vita and a final updated version for home consoles, including all character, different animations, fighting arenas and music from all previous games. I love playing Acsys fighting games, but I hate their approach to ridiculous updates since the Guilty Gear days. I think I’ll simply stick to Calamity Trigger, which I got on the release day.

  5. Looking good! Day one for sure!

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