Podcast: Episode 73 – Olympics, New Super Mario Bros 2 and Spider-Man

The whole of the UK seems gripped by the Olympics at the moment, so of course we had to talk about it. There are some great moments being played out in London and supporting venues, despite all the pre-event organisational shambles. The volunteers and athletes are doing a hell of a job.

We also found time to talk about some games, movies and comic books. This week isn’t quite so Batman-heavy as it has been recently but Kris still managed to get some comparison discussion going by asserting that he found The Amazing Spider-Man to be a more enjoyable film. We also mentioned Batman: Cacophony so the Dark Knight still keeps a grip on the podcast in some areas.

I talked about New Super Mario Bros 2 on the 3DS and Kris has been playing Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Lewis watched a film called I’m Not Scared and Kris has read the first of the new Hawkeye comics.

Of course, we had our usual quiz and questions. Hopefully Kev will be back for next week’s podcast, if he’s back from his Scottish jaunt.

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  1. from the way Lewis describes that film, i can’t help but think of Home Alone. ^_^

    don’t nearly all Batman stories start with the Joker breaking out of Arkham.

    anyway, i’d love to read Kevin Smith’s take on the Batman.

    i read a great Batman novel a while ago, called the Ultimate Evil.
    it’s not the typical Batman book, he’s not after some supervillain, he actually goes after a child prostitution ring.
    it’s a rare example of a Batman story that tackles a real world issue.

    child protection is an issue the author Andrew Vachss seems to be pretty passionate about.

    it’s a good book.

    i agree, the quiz was a bit harsh, but i got 9 so i still like it. ^_^

    and you’re a bit bloodthirsty this week Peter, firstly you want the olympic archers to basically duel to the death and then you want a movie that kills everybody you don’t like.

    though i’m kinda with you on the movie. ^_^

  2. aww, buggeration.
    i had a long comment typed out yesterday, i thought i’d posted it just before i logged off, but i must have clicked the wrong button or something.
    dangit >_<
    firstly i wrote about a good Batman book called The Ultimate Evil, where he goes after a child prostitution ring.

    then i said the film Lewis described made me think of home alone, for some reason.

    then i bragged a little about getting 9 on the quiz, and how it was a little harsh on the lovable Kris.
    but then how i couldn't complain too much about it since i got 9 on it. ^_^

    there was something else, but i can't remember what it was, if i listened to the podcast again i'd probably remember.
    maybe i will skim through it again.

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