Sony Trademarks “RAIN” – Reveal At Gamescom?

Sony have trademarked ‘RAIN’ ahead of this month’s gamescom event in Germany. The platform holder will be having a press conference and showing a number of new titles to press (and we’ll have hands on with all of them for you) but as we revealed last week, two games are still a secret.

One of those games is from Japan Studio, the other is a Move title. Either one of them could be RAIN – the trademark filing (via PSLS) gives nothing away other than it’s filed by SCEA and is filed under “video game software” – curious…


Hey, maybe it’s this?



  1. I don’t know what this is!

    …Which means Sony must be doing something right in the way of leaks for once. :)

  2. intriguing.

    after how good Infamous 2 was, i really can’t wait to see what Sucker Punch are up to next.

  3. RAIN maybe just maybe it’s just heavy rain for the Vita but with extra ending & more characters & rain

    • If they bring out an extended version of Heavy Rain, I demand it be called Heavier Rain, or Light Monsoon, or something similar.

      Don’t take away the heavy to make it bigger! :P

  4. Remember that weird gif of a sci-fi game with a quick-time event that leaked an hour before Sony’s E3? It was raining in the gif, as I remember…COINCIDENCE?!

  5. followed the link and watched that clip and was thinking…how awesome would a fear effect sequel be?!

    • i’d love to see what a Fear effect game could look like on todays hardware.

  6. Sony patent trolling to claim license fees every time it rains? I know they’re desperate to turn a profit, but really guys?

  7. RAIN, all in capitals? Probably an acronym.

    I wonder what it stands for.

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