Exclusive Munch’s Oddysee HD PS3 Screens

Just Add Water have been in touch to let us know that news on Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD will be coming during gamescom – until then, they’ve also fired over four brand new screens of the PS3 version, which are below.

If you’re looking for news on Abe HD, the studio’s other game currently in development, the first info on that will be surfacing next month, which will include the platform choices…


Also, the developers are looking for some help with naming the upcoming Abe remake – click here for details on that.



  1. These guys are quite outreaching for the community. A friend of mine ended up translating Stranger’s Wrath for the portuguese store just by offering help on their Facebook page :)

  2. I remember reading about the original in PC Gamer, must’ve been back in 97 or 98? I think they even said Much was gonna be a Dug. It looked wonderful back then and this reimagining looks fairly interesting too!

  3. will be a day one buy for me.

  4. Pretteh!

  5. I’m buying the vita version day one.

  6. Day one all the way. I love this franchise to death. Roll on Gamescom.

  7. Looks a bit weak to me, whats with the fog surely they can up the draw distance.

    • Moaning git!

    • Maybe you can easily see the end of the area if it’s removed, the fog conceals the fact that there’s nothing further away.

    • You are forgetting that this is a 2001 game, we’ve NOT re-written the engine, but it is pretty much 60fps all the way.

      Also, fog was used specifically to give atmosphere in the original design, not just a draw distance thing, oh we did also push the draw distance out somewhat, around 1/3 extended.

      • Thats fine, but I’d need a better reason not to just fire up my old Xbox and play my already owned copy on that. It is a great game though, and I hope you get plenty of new converts.

  8. Does not look as good as Stranger’s Wrath :/

    • See my previous comment…

      Gamebryo (Munch) vs Custom Inhoue engine (Stranger)

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