SSX Multiplayer Update Now Available For PS3

The update for SSX, which we revealed last week, is now live for PlayStation 3 owners. The patch is mainly to introduce proper multiplayer modes, something that’s outlined on the PlayStation site.


The first of two new modes – 3-2-1 Go! – offers up online play on Global Events. Post patch, you’ll now see certain events marked as 3-2-1 Go! If you select one, you’ll be up against four other riders online.

Trick events introduce a countdown timer, so the winner is determined by who can post the highest score and cross the finish line before the time runs out. Alternatively, Race events just require you to cross the line first.

A mode called Freeride is also added, which removes the HUD, the rules, the ghost, the score and the clock (and everyone else) and it’s just you against the mountain.

A number of bug fixes are also included in the patch.



  1. All well and good but the 3-2-1 event seems to be awol…. :( Hopefully they’ll get it sorted quickly.

  2. So no split screen then? Huge shame, to the point that I’d consider this update a waste of time.
    Any ideas on price? Given this is EA we are talking about there has to be some sort of cost surely?

    • My mate had this when he came over the other night not realising there was no split screen. We were quite dissapointed to find out it wasn’t there :0(

      • Local co-op is a dirty word this gen, as then they can’t charge you for online play.

    • It’s a free update

    • Free or not, this update is a bit of a waste of time – Until they reintroduce ‘hitting’ (as in the ability to be able to punch other riders), there really is no difference in this & riding against ghosts.

      • And rename it to “WWF SSX” and add a touch of body slamming. This would most certainly do well among the TSA podcast producers … talkie material for hours and hours.

      • Truth is, you used to be able to get into ‘conflict’ in previous SSX games, but i think they removed it so that they could tone it down for a younger audience. Bloody fools.

  3. Yes, I remember that. My first SSX game was SSX on Tour. Great game, had splitscreen too. One of the few games where the misses kicked my butt.

    • Lol – Join the club!! XD

      Although Tricky was more the flavour for her. Or maybe it was On Tour after all now i think about it.

      Who cares, she won. I’m over it.


  4. The game was OK. Wish it had 4 player split-screen mode with bots(i say that about every game this Gen) & i always get f**k-all… LoL:D

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