PvP Arenas Being Added To Order & Chaos

Order & Chaos, Gameloft’s fully-fledged mobile MMORPG, is due for its biggest update ever the publisher announced earlier today.

Aside from a cluster of mounts and a new dungeon, the update will also introduce PvP arenas. Whether these will facilitate objective-based scenarios or straight up deathmatches has yet to be revealed, with more information coming very soon.


It may not boast the same numbers as World of Warcraft or other long-lasting MMOs yet, in terms of gameplay and features, Order & Chaos has everything you’d expect from its modern, PC-based counterparts. At an introductory cost of £4.99 (which includes a 90-day membership) and a measly £0.69 monthly subscription rate, it’s extremely good value for money.

If you missed it, Gameloft is also working on an Order & Chaos spin-off.

Source: Press Release