Sony’s Gamescom Press Conference Will Be Streamed Live – Links Here

Sony’s gamescom press conference – details of which can be found here – will be streamed live across the internet direct from Germany next week.

The page you want to bookmark is this one – click here – which also indicates the time remaining before it all kicks off. Sony are expected to show two brand new titles, one of which is from Sony Japan and the other is a Move game.


There’s also likely to be something called Rain on show.

The site was designed by one Joey Rabbitt, and is nice and responsive to various browser types and sizes, if you’re into that kind of thing.

The show starts at 7pm local time on Tuesday 14th August.



  1. The site works fine on my iPad, but I’m skeptical that the streamed video will. Meh, I’ll be at a baseball game watching the SF Giants and eating enormous hotdogs with cheap American beer.

    Who says gaming doesn’t have real world consequences… I could even spell baseball until I started playing MLB The Show last year and now I’m a regular fan :).

    Keen to see what other surprises Sony might have… I’m still holding out for a super slim announcement.

  2. sweet, and i won’t have to stay up till some ridiculous hour to watch it.

    who even knew there was a 1 am? o_O

  3. New PS3!

  4. PS3 slimmer, PSMobile, new Vita games … and an incredible new clip-on attachment for the ps3 which makes the browser impervious to 3DS XXL adverts.. :/

  5. Hopefully their will be a concrete date anounced for the Firmware 1.8 update for PS Vita, finally being able to play PS One Classics.

  6. Im giving up on a new
    Syphon Filter. Just as I’ve given up on a new
    Wii or Wii U Pilotwings.

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