Two Key Staff Leave Bioshock Infinite Studio

According to Gamasutra, two key members of the Bioshock Infinite development team have left Irrational. The first, Tim Gerritsen, was director of product development, who has updated his LinkedIn page to say his employment has ended at the company.

The second, Nate Wells, updated his Twitter biography section to a similar effect, although his LinkedIn briefly suggested he’d gone to work for Naughty Dog. He’s since updated that and it’s now no longer clear where he’s working if it’s not the Uncharted team.


Wells had worked for Irrational for 13 years, and worked on the original Bioshock.

Infinite was first announced way back in 2010, and shows no current signs of being ready, with the game already skipping next week’s gamescom expo. Mike Hickey, analyst at Janco Partners, said the game could “realistically slip into a fiscal 2014 release period.”



  1. Looks like troubled development then? I’ll be in tears if this turns out to be an average game, it’s my most anticipated of all time! I’m sure the clever folks at Irrational won’t let us down though… *Crawls into corner and sobs over prints of original release date*

  2. Hopefully these guys just felt like it was time to move on as opposed to there being a problem with the development of Infinite. Positives.

  3. Good luck to them and the game.

  4. Hmm I seem to be out of the loop. My understanding was that Infinite was coming along nicely and was scheduled for a March 2013 release. Gutting to hear things aren’t going so smoothly. I get the feeling this may be another Last Guardian :(

  5. That’s odd, I assume both these guys worked on one the previous Bioshock games which got a decent Metacritic score, so why let them go? :p

  6. I remember shrieking in girlish delight when the the initial trailer showing Bioshock Infinite showed up on xbox back in early to mid 2010 – back then the teaser was just listed under Irrational Games.

    I realise games take time to conceive, program, create etc but maybe they shouldn’t have given the sneak peek so far in advance this can only lead to major disappointment to gamers when the product finally rears its head but the game can never live up to the expectation (example Dead Island)

  7. Bioshock could slip into 2014! What the hell is going on over there?!

    Did George Brousard take a job at Irrational?!

  8. No, not necessarily the calendar year 2014. 2k starts its 2014 fiscal year in April 2013 and ends March 2014.

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