Another PS All-Stars Leak: Raiden & Sackboy Join Character Line-Up

Web scourers seem to have uncovered yet more secret information on SuperBot’s upcoming crossover brawler, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. This time the leak is said to have come from another official source: the game’s official website.

The images above depict both the homepage and character info section. The latter quite clearly shows LittleBigPlanet’s Sackboy as a playable addition, marked with a “new” tag in his character portrait. Meanwhile a tab on the homepage, boasting “ultimate match-ups” has an image of Cole McGrath waltzing battling Metal Gear Solid 2 poster boy, Raiden.


The images seem fairly legit. Either that or they’ve been knocked up by someone who has plenty of time on their hands. Even if proven fake, the chances of Sackboy (and perhaps Raiden) joining the All-Stars cast seems likely.

Source: NeoGAF




  1. oh, that Raiden.

    i can’t have been the only one hoping for the MK Raiden.
    can i?

    • My first thought too – couldn’t work out why they were using a non PS exclusive character.

      • They already have at least one non-ps exclusive character though (as the Big Daddy didn’t only appear on ps), so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

        There may be licensing issues with characters that are non-ps though.

      • nothing wrong with non exclusive characters, so long as they’re good non exclusive characters. ^_^

  2. Slight shame if they use Raiden instead of Snake.

  3. i’m gonna say Lara Croft, maybe not the next character announced, but at some point.

    • Good call. She’s been raiding tombs on Sony’s consoles long before Drake. I’d love to see a duel between those two.
      Imagine there was a crossover game featuring both characters teaming up…

      • When you say ‘teaming up’, i hope we are not referring to a god of war like sex minigame.

  4. I want to see Snake + Lara now :P

  5. If it’s Raiden, I hope it’s human Raiden as opposed to cyborg Raiden.

    Snake would probably be the better choice though.

    • Check the picture; it’s the cyborg one.

      • There will most likely be an alternative outfit anyway.

      • Balls.
        Hope the alternative outfit idea pulls through then.

  6. I would love to see naked snake vs solid snake fight for the title the bigger badder better boss..

    Sack boy ain’t he a bit too short to fight with grown ups, unless cuteness is his power

    • Size is somewhat irrelevant, he can always do nut-shots at the very least!

      Besides which, he will probably have the power of creation on his side. How that’ll work will be another matter…

      • I would like to see sackboy being a highly adaptable character. With all his clothing and weapon choices.

      • So are you suggesting a Mokujin type character then, where he (for example) puts on clothes of one of the competitiors in order to get their move set?

        Could work i suppose.

      • Nosy people found a folder named “sackboy” in each of the characters files from the beta, so it seems likely. It makes creating DLC characters more difficult though, as they have to make a new costume for every one.

  7. Still not massively tempted by this game – however if the other rumour I saw online is true and Kat from Gravity Rush is added as a character I may get involved.

  8. Source Neogaf? Well that’s the last time I send you anything.

    • You didn’t send me anything.

      • I sent it to [email protected] at about 2 in the morning, I actually took that picture that’s being used haha No worries though.

      • Unfortunately tips don’t get passed onto me directly but thank you all the same.

  9. Has there been any talk on any Resident Evil characters making an appearance in this game?

    • Nemesis would be awesome.

      • Nemesis appeared in MvC3 though, so i would think that there would be some kind of rights issue that capcom own or something.

  10. Wonder if they are gonna putt Solid or Old Snake in the game. :O

    • Would much prefer either of them to Raiden.

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