Gameloft Launches Teaser For Its First Unreal Title

Announced earlier this week, “Wild Blood” is the latest mobile game from platform veterans, Gameloft. Unlike previous iOS/Android releases from the Parisian publisher, Wild Blood will be the first to adopt the Unreal Engine, the same tech used to power gorgeous-looking games such as Gears of War, Bulletstorm, and Batman: Arkham City.


It may not look quite as sharp as iOS favourite, Infinity Blade, though definitely has that “AAA” vibe about it. In terms of gameplay nothing has been revealed so far but from what we’ve seen an action/adventure/RPG mix-up seems likely.

Gameloft has also posted some artwork on the game’s official Facebook wall, asking viewers to guess which mythos the game is inspired by.



  1. The fact that this game might let you actually walk around freely and fight against multiple enemies at the same time makes it seem way more impressive than the “one on one attack and dodge point and click” game that is Infinity Blade.

  2. Gameloft’s games have always been a mishmash of cliches, poor animation and just a generally bad overall experience. This looks no different. It will be a generic fantasy story based around a hero who…well, you know the rest.

    • true but some are nice but its ruined by its controls, I guess its great for ipads with gamepads but thats pretty much for all that can’t afford one its a missed opportunity to be a fan of Gameloft *shivers at the tought*

  3. i’m guessing a God of War/Devil May Cry type game.

    can i say what mythology i think it’s inspired by here?

    • Just a generic fantasy realm it seems, not sure what it may play like though.

  4. The way they name games is so funny… anyway meh touch, buttons please ruins your games Gameloft. This on Vita would be nice since technically its the cheaper option… even if they’ll over-charge it and add in-game purchases. *bleah*

  5. gorgeous like Gears of War?? somebody loves the colour brown :P

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