GMA Finalists Announced, TSA Overlooked This Year

The nominations for this year’s Games Media Awards are in. TheSixthAxis, nominated in last year’s “Best Website” category, has been overlooked for the shortlist by the panel of selectors. The category we contested last year includes Eurogamer, Gamespot UK, IGN, CVG and VG247 – all the usual suspects.

In fact, scanning through the finalists for all categories, it’s a familiar looking list. Of course, award systems like this are rarely going to depart from the security of familiar names but it would be nice to see a bit more attention given to outlets that don’t have huge financial backing. I guess that’s not really the focus of the guys at Intent Media and Indigo Pearl PR who hand pick the finalists though, so it’s unfair to criticise.


It’s certainly nice to see Lee Bradley, Matthew Reynolds and Dave Scammell – all good friends to TSA over the years – noticed in the rising star category.

Aside from the Rising Stars and a couple of the inclusions for Best Blog, it’s pretty much as you’d expect. Here’s the full list, congratulations to all who are still in the running for the October awards ceremony!

Games Magazine

PC Gamer
Retro Gamer
Official PlayStation Magazine
Nintendo Gamer

Games Website

Gamespot UK
Rock Paper Shotgun

Games Blog

Ready Up
The Average Gamer
We See In Pixels
Hookshot Inc

Games Video

OXM Breakdown
Inside Xbox
Start Select
PlayStation Access TV

Games Radio and Podcast
BBC Radio 5 Live’s Game On
Pocket Gamer
1 Extra

Coverage by a Mainstream Website
Digital Spy
Huffington Post
Holy Moly
Sabotage Times

Specialist Writer – Print

Christian Donlan
Edwin Evans-Thirlwell
Matthew Castle
Joel Gregory
Jason Killingsworth

Specialist Writer – Online

Martin Gaston
Simon Parkin
Keza MacDonald
Christian Donlan
Pat Garratt
Wesley Yin-Poole

National Newspaper – Writer

Simon Parkin
Michael Plant
Dan Silver
Keith Stuart
Tom Hoggins
Lee Price
David Jenkins

Mainstream Magazine – Writer

Jonathan Pile
Leon Poultney
Matt Hill
Helen Lewis
James Dyer

Rising Star

Tamoor Hussain
Lee Bradley
Matthew Reynolds
David Scammell
Owen Hill
Joe Robinson
Lucy James

Top Tweeter

Steve Hogarty – @misterbrilliant
Martin Gaston – @squidmania
Debbie Timmins – @weefz
Matt Lees – @JamSponge
Mark Brown – @britishgaming
Pat Garrat – @patlike



  1. Really? In the last year I have hardly (if at all) visited any of those other sites! I came to TSA because it has the best community, some of the most talented writers, great features such as the meets, fantastic humor, and the best damn Battlefield 3 server in the industry!
    I think the rest of the members here will echo the above – sod the silverware guys – you rock!

    • It’s always lovely to be recognised in official stuff like this and being up for a GMA last year was great but ultimately, it really doesn’t matter.

      I’d rather have the community, comments and smart, friendly discussion that we get here than all the awards in the world. Nobody else on the finalists can boast that, certainly not with the total lack of support or backing we’ve had over the years :)

      • When are they adding the ‘best community’ award?

        That has to be a shoe-in for TSA.

      • The fact that we got through the “EA /DOMA” discussions without a single troll shows how lovely and intelligent our community is. Both sides of the argument could see valid points in the

      • .. bah hit post to early..

        .. in the opposite argument.

        I’d rather have intelligent readers than awards.

    • as much as i love this site and the guys on here. the standards have definitely dropped over the past 18 months or so.

  2. I’m sorry but this is utter fucking bollocks!

  3. Bloody outrage.
    You guys are the very best!

  4. I think Peter’s been more diplomatic that I could ever have been. I won’t go into why, not publicly, but – hey – there you go.

    Just seems strange that we’re overlooked. Not that we’d ever win, of course… ;)

    • Oh I just worked out what you are on about :)

  5. ‘Rock Paper Shotgun’… Sorry, who?

    • PC gaming site, part of Eurogamer’s umbrella for a few years now I believe.

      • The fact that i have never heard of them says a lot though. :)

        Additionally, if they are part of the Eurogamer umbrella, surely they should be bundled as part of Eurogamer?

      • No, they’re a separate site from Euorgamer, but Eurogamer deals with the business side of stuff (advertising etc…).

    • PC gaming blog, part of Eurogamer’s network (as is VG247). It’s very good, kept its independent spirit.

      • I didn’t realise that VG247 was also part of the Eurogamer network.

        So whatever happens, Eurogamer pretty much win then (in some small way). :D

  6. Well, you guys have my vote anyway.

    I don’t even know a good chunk of those websites by name, never mind visit them…

  7. If you want some constructive feedback about why you weren’t shortlisted, see what you think of my thoughts:

    1) TSA makes things too personal. The writers often give their own very strong opinions within articles or news features, instead if reserving this for ‘opinion pieces’. See today’s Konami article as an example, and for a very extreme example, check out your insane “we should win this award” piece about last year’s Gaming Media Awards.

    2) TSA comes across as a bit too cliquey. There are often mentions of people and groups that the general reader will have no idea about. It’s great that TSA has a thriving community, but it needs to be more outward looking to appeal to a wider audience.

    3) TSA’s writing quality varies from well-written to quite amateur, depending on the author. A few more spelling and grammar checks would give a more professional impression.

    4) Humour. News and articles on TSA need to be more witty, or at least do something different to IGN/Gamespot etc to give people a reason to visit. Not ‘6th form drama student’ witty, but genuinely funny and original content.

    5) More interesting articles. Many of the articles on TSA are just a bit boring. Some are great, but there’s rarely anything that makes me think “Wow, that sounds like a great read”.

    Please, before the lynch mob arrives outside my house, understand that TSA is one of my most frequented gaming websites. I like the fact that TSA is some huge commercial operation where people have to watch what they say. I like the fact that it feels like a proper grassroots website, where real gamers contribute as opposed to purely gaming journalists. I also like the fact that it’s a UK/European website (as I’m from the UK). I also think you have the advertising balance just right, without so many adverts that they feel intrusive.

    If I were to suggest a website that absolutely perfected the ‘gaming website’ model, it would be Games Radar from about 3 years ago. It’s gone downhill since then, but at the time it was genuinely funny, original, and truly hit the sweet spot between being professional without being too commercial.

    I really hope my thoughts are useful to you. I would love TSA to win a Gaming Media Award, which is why I’ve given you my feedback.

    • I don’t agree with 1 & 2(if anything these are reasons I come to TSA), 3 is very harsh for a couple of spelling mistakes everyvso often and 4 & 5 suggest you don’t even read the site…

    • thanks for the feedback. We do our best with the resources we have and we’re quite successful with that.
      Not being selected for a GMA is a little bit disappointing, given the amount of work we put in, but not unexpected, considering the people who choose the finalists. As I’ve said before, I’d much rather have our “cliquey” community and enjoy the writing that I (and the other guys here) do than to have the approval of a PR company.

    • Nothing wrong with voicing constructive criticism and feedback.

      • Unless its to someone like Hitler.

    • Whilst you feedback will no doubt be appreciated I just want to add my “strong opinion” on your feedback:

      a) what a load of testicles.
      b) I would bet my left testicle there are flaws with the system for these awards with the words F***ed up and biased headlining it all.

    • ” I like the fact that TSA is some huge commercial operation where people have to watch what they say”

      That should say:

      ” I like the fact that TSA isn’t some huge commercial operation where people have to watch what they say”

    • Thanks Ray. Whilst a lot of those points aren’t why we didn’t get a finalist nod (they’re really not) they are worth considering.


    • If we lost 1) then we wouldnt be TSA, we’d be a generic gaming website that you couldnt tell apart from 10 other generic gaming website, complete with their generic GMA Gaming Website Of The Year Award.

      As for the rest.. Ill try and think of some better quality knob gags.

    • well done sir for your feedback, but I honestly have to say this.

      1 & 2 – its the reason I come to TSA
      3 – I agree, but I’ve seen ALOT worse on bigger sites
      4 – I don’t agree, I find most articles funny, the odd one possibly not
      5 – I think most are interesting, the odd one isn’t, depends on what you like to read about.

      In all, I think the main reason is that certain larger websites probably “prefer” to write about certain things in a certain way…if you know what I mean, and I’m glad TSA don’t go down that route.

    • Are 1 and 4 not somewhat contradictory?

    • Sometimes one has to step back and realise that TheSixthAxis is run entirely by volunteers, and in many ways, it’s vibrant, outspoken community.

      Considering the minute size of our team, I’d say we’ve done fantastically well to put ourselves on the map. In the past few years, we’ve gone from a PlayStation-centric website to one that covers all gaming platforms, multiplying the amount of daily coverage considerably with the same number of contributors (if not less) on board.

    • Solid feedback. I love the thought-provoking articles but a few, recently, have smacked of “let’s rub them the wrong way” which I’m sure wasn’t on purpose (or at least I hope not) but really needed editing in my humble opinion.

      Equally, I’d like to see better spelling, punctuation. I often see two errors in as many paragraphs and feel it sullies TSA’s excellent reputation as wordsmiths.

      I still miss Kovacs’ style and charm and think TSA could seriously benefit from at least another one or two like Lee – a wonderful way with words as well as some truly chucklesome pithy put-downs with a style all of his own.

      Tricky, I know, but TSA would benefit hugely, I hope.

      Finally, nofi, the website make-over will hopefully help as TSA is looking more professional than ever before. Keep up the awesome work, guys.

    • While I disagree with the 4th and 5th point, I do have to agree with the 3rd one in some extent. As for the first 2 I think they go hand in hand and are neither good nor bad: some people won’t feel drawn to this kind of personal take, some like me will like it.
      The first time I got here and started reading I too didn’t know half the users quoted around. But that made me want to know who they were and ultimately lead to the understanding of how much TSA counts on us. For example, i never felt compeld to play online in a team until I came here, because why would I want to play games (like I did before) with a bunch of other guys that don’t have patience nor interest in welcoming newbies into their midst?

      But yeah, it’s not up everyone’s alley. And I think that’s good.

  8. You lot deserve something at least, I hardly sign up to game sites but I did here & the people on here no fan boys, no silly comments just grown ups talk gamers with opinions.

    Here is my award to you all as a fan a BIG THUMPS UP priceless lol

  9. So, are we going to invade the ceremony?

    • Yes. I have polished and triple checked every weapon that TSA owns. We shall take them on stands, then the middle of the room then get arrested and serve 10 years for attempted murder as we only have nerf weapons and for some reason a copy of Batman and Robin.

  10. this amazes me. IGN and websites like that are big…infact…too big. This is why I choose to read a website that has good quality articles, always plays devils advocate with issues, and is easy to navigate.

    TSA in my opinion still tops all of these websites and I think you guys are all doing a great job.

    TSA still number 1 in my opinion. Well done lads and ladettes.

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