Microsoft: New Xbox In ‘Next 18 Months’

A job advert posted by Microsoft on the Microsoft web site suggests that the next Xbox will be on the shelves within eighteen months. This is the second time a sequel to the Xbox 360 has been mentioned, although last time we were all mistaken as the comments were ‘not understood in their intended context’.

This time we have written proof and it reads ‘Over the next eighteen months Microsoft will release new versions of all of our most significant products including Windows (Client, Server, Phone and Azure), Office and Xbox, along with completely new offerings like Microsoft Surface.’


Windows 8 is out this year, Office 2013/15 went into Beta at the start of  June so can’t be far off release, Surface is also due near the end of the year, so does that mean the next Xbox could be out Christmas 2013 – which is the date everyone has already assumed?

I have placed a screengrab on this page so it can be read ‘in context’ but obviously everyone will be mistaken and will read the job advert out of context.

To help Microsoft when this happens I have created a press release for them.

The mention of a ‘new Xbox’ in the job listing posted by Microsoft on has been misread and not viewed in the intended context.

The listing mentions ‘ new versions’  of a wave of products such as Windows 8, Office, Windows Phone and of course our fall Xbox update which will bring a host of new consumer experiences like Xbox Music, Videos, Games on Windows 8 and Xbox SmartGlass.

Absolutely, most definitely referring to that.


There we go, that saves me having to write another news item this afternoon.

Source: Microsoft



  1. Your bitterness feeds me this morning. Thank you.

  2. ha ha, perfectly done. I think we all know its coming out next year, I wonder if that means the PS4 will join them, surely it has to this time round.

  3. I personally feel this only refers to an upgraded version of Minesweep, shipping with all Windows 8 packages. Any references to this XBox you speak of is preposterous!

  4. Any mention of a new xbox is great because I know the PS4 won’t be far behind release. Maybe even before?

  5. Look forward to see what the launch titles will be.

  6. Christmas 2013 will be insane if the PS4 and 360 both come out!

    • You mean “expensive”

      • Not so expensive for me, I’m only interested in the PS4.

      • insanely expensive?

      • Expensive yes, even if you only get one console, there’s all the peripherals and new games, so far I’m only interested in the new Xbox but my mind is open to a PS4 I’ve had a PS3 in the past. It will just have to really convince me to get one on launch or i’ll wait a year maybe more.

      • I think ‘insanely expensive’ would be a suitable phrase description. I’ll be getting both and therefore will be so broke I won’t be able to buy any games for either console for ages :)

  7. Ha! Alway’s love your articles Tuffcub, they make me chuckle. :D

    So new Xbox…No new Xbox….new Xbox…No new xbox by end of Friday’s working day. 5/1

  8. So will we hear about the new Playstation in the nest few days too?

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