Rumour: Two MORE Characters Leaked For PS All-Stars Battle Royale

If two character leaks wasn’t enough for one day, how about another two to top that off?

Posted on Reddit via user NATHANDRAKE20984 the supposed off-screen footage shows an updated version of the character select screen. However, you’ll notice that this iteration now includes Crash Bandicoot and Tomba, both icons from the first PlayStation era.



Unlike today’s earlier leaks, these so-called “genuine” images aren’t quite as convincing. The character portraits for both Tomba and Crash are both out of sync with the rest of the cast. Whether or not this is due to them being placeholder images can’t be confirmed. It could just be a hopeful fanboy looking to stir things up, though the contributor stresses that this is a legit leak and SuperBot will be unveiling both characters at Gamescom next week.

Source: Reddit



  1. Omg It’s Tomba, I hope it’s real! I loved the game when i was a kid, I guess i’ll go back and play Tomba and I want FF characters in PS All Stars…Squall or Lightning, please :]

    • I love Tomba! Highly underrated and overlooked game.

  2. I wonder if they’ll one day be able to announce something before it gets leaked.

  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let Crash Bandicoot be in the game!!! :P :P :P My 1st ever PlayStation game was Crash Bandicoot 1 ;)

  4. I’d be highly surprised if Crash Bandicoot was NOT in this game, he is an iconic Sony character after all.

  5. I want Spyro to be included. Both he and Crash helped define the PS1 era, however it may prove difficult now as Activision own the licence, right?

  6. This is fake, as confirmed on Neogaf. I don’t know how they know, thye just all said it was.

  7. Fake, comments from the source claims the pictures of Crash are taken from older games.

  8. Crash Bandicoot always will be the undisputed king of Playstation!

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