Sony Confirm “The Last Guardian” Is Still In Development

It seems that sometimes, all you need to confirm the status of a long-forgotten game is to say it’s cancelled, dead, or that somebody forgot to renew the trademark.

Thankfully, in the case of The Last Guardian – a game that today had been the subject of much discussion – all is well. Or at least, it’s still very much in development.


According to a couple of US-based journalists on Twitter just now (including Game Informer’s Jim Reilly) a representative for Sony has confirmed that the game is still alive, but that there’s “nothing new to report at this time.”

Chances are Sony just need to reapply for another extension for the trademark and get the game moving along now.

Hopefully we’ll get an official explanation as to what happened, too, given the huge amount of media attention the game has got this evening we’d have hoped for more than just a few words from SCEA’s public relations department.



  1. Just a matter of time before this is cancelled, I reckon!

  2. In my opinion, and a lot if other people i’m sure, there is LOADS for Sony to report to us.

  3. Fingers crossed The Last Guard doesn’t turn into this decades Duke Nukem Forever! It’s such an exciting prospect but it needs to hurry up get released before the hype peaks. I’d hate for the ICO people to lose their backing, I wonder what’s holding them back?

    • I would’ve said the PS3, but by now they would’ve known there way around it :(

  4. A PS4 tittle I’m sure. The length of time this game is taking to develop is ridiculous.

    • Yeah, at this point you’d expect them just to show alittle bit of progress to quell the rumors. It would make alot sense if they literally can’t because the console they’re releasing it for hasn’t been announced yet.

  5. Sorry, but you don’t ABANDON A TRADEMARK lightly. There’s zero reason to unless you’ve quit on a game.

    • Yes you do.. For free publicity .. And it worked.

  6. Imagine The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy Versus XIII as PS4 launch titles…
    Best Sony console launch ever! Maybe they are holding development back for a PS4 launch release on purpose.

  7. The worst part is, when/if (and thats a big ‘if’ at the moment it seems) they finish this game and ship it, Sony will no doubt cock up it’s advertisment and it will be Starhawk/Motorstorm:A all over again.

  8. heard a rumour that this will come out as a double pack with Huxley limited edition special lenstacular cast iron, bobble head box set!
    ahhh Huxley where for out though Huxley?

  9. Hee hee I am so going to buy up the trademark before they renew it!

  10. Nothing new to show or report yet again. When did we get an update which showed something? Two years ago? More? Game was obviously far too ambitious. Sounds like a mess now.

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