PlayStation Video Store Starts Instantly Streaming

The PSN Store’s video side was full of promise when it launched. Unfortunately, some really dreadful download times, high cost and the arrival of services like Netflix meant that I haven’t looked at the Video Store in months.

I suppose there must be PlayStation 3 owners who love it but I don’t know any.


Well, it seems that Sony is ready to give it a little nudge in the right direction. The EU Blog has just announced that the PSN Video Store will now allow instant streaming of content as soon as you purchase. The streaming works in SD or HD and says it solves the problem of “hanging around watching loading bars” – which would be a nice philosophy for the rest of Sony to take into their patching and update systems for the next generation!

This might encourage me to take a little look back in the PSN Video Store, see what there is to offer and perhaps give it another chance. What about you?

Source: PS EU Blog



  1. It’s bloody expensive compared to Netflix and/or Lovefilm.

    • Yes but everything on Netflix is very old, or shit.

  2. Sorry Sony, but how do you expect me to buy TV shows at £2 a pop when only this week I’ve watched 17 episodes of Jericho, all within the £6 admission of Netflix?!

    • Is that £2 for a rental or purchase?
      If it’s a purchase, it’s still a bit steep, but no worse than comparing buying a PSN game or using PS+…

      If it’s a rental, it’s the biggest joke of a price since the LBP t-shirts.

      • I think it’s something like £1.59/.69 to buy one episode of Family guy, a 20 minute show. Pretty sure that’s not HD either, but that could vary between shows. I just rounded up because I wasn’t sure.

      • the prices for tv shows seem to be roughly on par with Itunes, except they don’t do any kind of season pass thing for a whole season for less than it would cost buying all the eps individually.
        actually having just checked, it#’s £1.89 for an sd ep and £2.49 for hd.

        when they were asked on the blog, in one of the rare video store updates they only seem to do once every six months or so, about season passes.
        they replied that they don’t have any subscription options.

        but then i’ve long since stopped expecting anybody on that blog to know what they’re talking about.

  3. Really? Great, I’ll go check it out.

    Oh, wait…

    We still don’t have the video store that was promised to us and announced at the same press conference as all the other EU Video Stores.


    • I can assure you that you aren’t missing much.

  4. Missing a trick really.
    If they made it competitively priced, had a decent catalogue (sony pictures are quite large), they could have the new Sony pictures as a priority (2 month exclusive say)
    Chuck in a vita app too and I’d be tempted.

  5. How is this different from the current option to play the video while it’s downloading? Perhaps you can FF or jump forward without having to wait like an actual streaming service?

  6. Its too expensive for me, prices to own are pretty much RRP Blu-Ray or DVD equivalent whenever I’ve had a look and the sales aren’t too appealing. Its got potential though and the one film I did rent downloaded quickly and looked great, even in SD.

  7. Can’t change the language of movies and I’m not going to watch anything in German…

  8. As with all things Sony do recently, they announce something, then never update or be competitive with pricing. At least this helps a little, but they really need to sort their pricing out before people are going to go there.

  9. I tried the streaming option, it works but like for like, downloading the movie in HD is sharper than streaming it HD. I don’t mind waiting a bit till the movie’s downloaded by about 25% before starting watching it anyhow, and given how expensive it is, I only do so about twice a month. Quality is still much much better than streaming with Lovefilm though so I guess you kinda get what you pay for. Of course when the movie turns out to be utter crap, you do feel you’ve been ripped off. Now if only Sony introduced a subscription service…

  10. Everyone saying it costs too much, but it’s pretty much in line with what other places charge.

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