What We Played #65: Bullet Run, Gravity Rush, Rock of Ages

What We Played

With nothing to report other than a bit of Mass Effect 3 on my part it’s a good job the rest of the team have been changing things up a bit. Kris has been playing Stick Tennis on his iPhone, finding it “much more flexible and realistic than Stick Cricket”.

I struggle to understand how any Stick sport game could be realistic. At least Kris owns up that he “continues to be very bad at games from Stick Sports and oddly fall apart in the women’s matches more than the men’s”. Perhaps he’s just easily distracted by the female (stick) form?


Forgetting that one feature missing from Halo: Reach is an autosave has meant that Aran is still yet to finish it. Were it not for the fact that he’s enjoying the game, the thought of having to replay a bunch of levels may have consigned it to the shelf.

He’s tried Deadlight and found the odd niggle such as Zombies not being slowed by water while he’s forced to wade slowly through it. Bayonetta and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising have also made appearances, having picked them up recently.

[drop]“I have no idea what’s going on in Bayonetta but the combat is incredibly fun and crazy”, he tells me. As for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising he’s enjoying the tactical nature of the game and the required planning but not the “pretty bad” voice acting.

Taking his PS Vita away for a few days Josh has completed both Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush. Offering hope to any of you who have stalled their Uncharted playthroughs he notes that it “really picked up towards the end” having been somewhat tiresome for a spell.

Of Gravity Rush he says it was “just amazing” with the one criticism being that the ending seemed a bit sudden.

Once back home he’s been playing Rock of Ages, though he’s wondering if there’s something about that he doesn’t quite ‘get’. Some of the other recent PlayStation Plus content such as Saints Row 2 has also been getting some attention. Also on his gaming plan is platinuming Need for Speed: Undercover but the lack of players online is scuppering his attempts to get the last two multiplayer trophies.

On the subject of trophies, Tuffcub has been awarding himself several non-gaming related ones:

  • Gold Trophy ‘New home’ in ‘Call Of Duty: Modern Flat Hunting’
  • Bronze Trophy ‘Spotted and avoided Western Union Scammers’ in ‘Call Of Duty: Modern Flat Hunting’
  • Bronze Trophy ‘Estate Agents are liars’ in ‘Call Of Duty: Modern Flat Hunting’
  • Silver Trophy ‘Of course I’m watching it for the sport’ in London 2012 Olympics: The Game (Weightlifting and Greco Roman Wrestling events)
  • Bronze trophy ‘Rude! Discover the most offensive word you could possible use on TSA’ in ‘Dont call them Sheeple’ on PS Vita
  • Gold Trophy ‘Supportive Husband’ in ‘Mother-In-Law vs Oncoming Car: Los Angeles’

When he has had a spare moment for gaming it’s Metal Gear’s PS Vita outing that’s been getting the attention.

Jim had quite a bit to say this week and rather than paraphrase and extract quotes I’ll just let him tell you:

[drop2]”This week I finally got around to buying Lord of the Rings: War in the North. I had my eye on this one for quite some time leading up to release but couldn’t justify the purchase amid dozens of late-year sequels and middling reviews. However, I’ve played it for a good few hours now, and I regret not picking it up from the get go. A solid action RPG with brutal, meaty combat and plenty of loot, in some ways War in the North reminds me of PS2 classic, Champions of Norrath. The story isn’t half-bad either, running parallel to the events of the LOTR trilogy as you march north to hold back Sauron’s forces.

“Another game that has been keeping me occupied is Rock of Ages, courtesy of PlayStation Plus. Wacky in premise, this cross between tower defence and platformer tasks players with rolling down a track, avoiding obstacles, and smashing into your opponent’s castle gates. It’s as bizarre as it sounds, though not one of the best games PSN/XBL has to offer.

“Aside from injecting a few more hours into Wrath of Heroes, I’ve been getting my free-to-play kick elsewhere this week. After spotting a solo tweet I decided, on a whim, to download Sony’s F2P shooter, Bullet Run.

“At face value it appears to be a straight-up mix between Call of Duty and older arcade shooters and, to be fair, that’s what it is (somewhat akin to the recent Gotham City Impostors). It’s rough around the edges, yet the gunplay is consistent and I never feel as though I have to fork out real money to have a good time. The only thing I would moan about is the lack of character customisation, though I’m sure more custom items will be rolling in fairly soon.”

Has your country’s medal performance at the Olympics inspired you to put down your controller and play a sport through either a desire to try and emulate the athletes’ success (Team GB) or a belief you could do better (Team Australia)? If you resisted that urge and stayed inside glued to your TV what have you been playing?



  1. This week I finally Platted Rainbow Moon (136 hour save file) then decided that wasn’t enough so I started to farm my way up to level 999 and do all the special dungeons. Got nicely back into some Battlefield 3. Have proper enjoyed trading on the Black Market in UC:GA this week too. It was also nice to revive a bit of Sonic Allstars racing with Forrest_01 and Crazy_Del last night, even if it was only a short one

    • Congrats on rainbow moon mate.I still haven’t got around to buying it yet!

      • Thanks mate! Its a great game, just drains the time away. It might hold you up on chowing away those plats and climbing the leaderboard a bit though. You’ve been a beast recently

    • Its just happened that ive been working on a few games bit by bit for a few weeks and finished them at the same time.lol and the transfarring helped a little bit :D

  2. Been playing a LOT of New Vegas this week. Such a diverse and surprising game, and never gets boring. Then I moved onto Jericho on Netflix, a fallout story tv show. So yeah, a lot of Fallout this week. I bought MGSHD for my Vita yesterday, though, so I’ll mess around with that later.

    • Don’t get too invested in Jericho as it got cancelled before it ended, shame because it was pretty good if i remember

      • Yeah, I know. Still gonna have a good time watching what’s there though, hopefully Netflix will be successful in their talks to pick up the show!

  3. Thouroughly enjoyed the Trollhunter reference. Awesome film!

  4. I got platinum on metal gear solid 3 on ps3 and vita and I got platinum on dungeon hunter on vita,all 3 are games I’ve been working on for a while.
    I played a bit of gravity rush and started metal gear solid 4 :)
    Also i’ve been on the old skateboard which resulted in a couple of good falls,worthy of at least a bronze! lol

  5. I got GTA Chinatown Wars on PS Vita in the sale last weekend. Never played it before now (didn’t have a PSP or DS) but am absolutely loving it. Great old skool GTA that is such good fun. Well worth the £3.99.

    Also just a bit more of Resident Evil ORC, which is nowhere near as bad as most people make it out to be. Campaign is a bit weak but all of the Versus modes are quality.

  6. Been playing MGS Peace Walker with a friend with a few beers. Also played PES 2010 in Become a Legend. Currently on 3rd and a half season. Also had Sonic All Stars session as McProley said and with Forrest. Then had Ridge Racer Meet with Forrest and R1MJAW and finally helping out Uncharted Black Market trades which will be updated today every hour ;)
    Now excuse me while I cut the grass in hoping for a trophy or even a cold beer (hoping for a beer though)

  7. Brink, Rage, Battlefield 3, Lego Harry Potter 5-7, MGS4 and even a bit of GRID. Too many games to play at the moment. Have 15 games overall to play through.

    Nearly completed the story in BF3 and I am actually really enjoying the final few levels, the story has finally become quite good. The team AI in Brink is so frustrating, they do nothing, you end up having to do everything for yourself.

    • I agree so much with the AI on brink,its dire.You feel like a hero from a generic 80’s film running in guns blazing solo :)

      • Sometimes there are engineers and operatives which just watch you as you hack or repair something, even when they can help, instead they dont even try to defend you!. Really annoying, craving to have a human coop partner on it so I dont throw my controller at the screen.

  8. Been playing FIFA vita an quiet enjoying FIFA never thought I would say those words, they best release pro vita, also been playing some portal wow this game awesome never thought I would like it but hands down one of the best games out now. Some sports champion with the gf she got into volleyball.

    Just waiting for darksiders 2

  9. Not a huge amount of gaming this week, which is strange as the Mrs went on holiday with her mates!

    Finished mopping up the last few collectibles on DeadLight; Cracking little game just far too short for £10.
    Other than that I fired up a couple of older WWE games, snagged a few achievements on each and then made a start on L4D2 (you sunk my battleship) with a mate last night.

    I’m borrowing a copy of SpecOps this weekend off a mate so I’m hoping it ends up being as great as it looks/sounds.

  10. Managed to complete Deus Ex HR, thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing although the story went downhill a bit towards the end. Bosses were solid in it, specially as i went hacking.

    Also managed to get in a fair bit of multiplayer space marine as usual.

    Now have to decide which PS+ game to conquer next, i’m thinking Infamous 2…onwards!

    • You’re in for a treat with Infamous 2. Leaps and bounds better than the original.

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