What We Played #65: Bullet Run, Gravity Rush, Rock of Ages

What We Played

With nothing to report other than a bit of Mass Effect 3 on my part it’s a good job the rest of the team have been changing things up a bit. Kris has been playing Stick Tennis on his iPhone, finding it “much more flexible and realistic than Stick Cricket”.

I struggle to understand how any Stick sport game could be realistic. At least Kris owns up that he “continues to be very bad at games from Stick Sports and oddly fall apart in the women’s matches more than the men’s”. Perhaps he’s just easily distracted by the female (stick) form?


Forgetting that one feature missing from Halo: Reach is an autosave has meant that Aran is still yet to finish it. Were it not for the fact that he’s enjoying the game, the thought of having to replay a bunch of levels may have consigned it to the shelf.

He’s tried Deadlight and found the odd niggle such as Zombies not being slowed by water while he’s forced to wade slowly through it. Bayonetta and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising have also made appearances, having picked them up recently.

[drop]“I have no idea what’s going on in Bayonetta but the combat is incredibly fun and crazy”, he tells me. As for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising he’s enjoying the tactical nature of the game and the required planning but not the “pretty bad” voice acting.

Taking his PS Vita away for a few days Josh has completed both Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush. Offering hope to any of you who have stalled their Uncharted playthroughs he notes that it “really picked up towards the end” having been somewhat tiresome for a spell.

Of Gravity Rush he says it was “just amazing” with the one criticism being that the ending seemed a bit sudden.

Once back home he’s been playing Rock of Ages, though he’s wondering if there’s something about that he doesn’t quite ‘get’. Some of the other recent PlayStation Plus content such as Saints Row 2 has also been getting some attention. Also on his gaming plan is platinuming Need for Speed: Undercover but the lack of players online is scuppering his attempts to get the last two multiplayer trophies.

On the subject of trophies, Tuffcub has been awarding himself several non-gaming related ones:

  • Gold Trophy ‘New home’ in ‘Call Of Duty: Modern Flat Hunting’
  • Bronze Trophy ‘Spotted and avoided Western Union Scammers’ in ‘Call Of Duty: Modern Flat Hunting’
  • Bronze Trophy ‘Estate Agents are liars’ in ‘Call Of Duty: Modern Flat Hunting’
  • Silver Trophy ‘Of course I’m watching it for the sport’ in London 2012 Olympics: The Game (Weightlifting and Greco Roman Wrestling events)
  • Bronze trophy ‘Rude! Discover the most offensive word you could possible use on TSA’ in ‘Dont call them Sheeple’ on PS Vita
  • Gold Trophy ‘Supportive Husband’ in ‘Mother-In-Law vs Oncoming Car: Los Angeles’

When he has had a spare moment for gaming it’s Metal Gear’s PS Vita outing that’s been getting the attention.

Jim had quite a bit to say this week and rather than paraphrase and extract quotes I’ll just let him tell you:

[drop2]”This week I finally got around to buying Lord of the Rings: War in the North. I had my eye on this one for quite some time leading up to release but couldn’t justify the purchase amid dozens of late-year sequels and middling reviews. However, I’ve played it for a good few hours now, and I regret not picking it up from the get go. A solid action RPG with brutal, meaty combat and plenty of loot, in some ways War in the North reminds me of PS2 classic, Champions of Norrath. The story isn’t half-bad either, running parallel to the events of the LOTR trilogy as you march north to hold back Sauron’s forces.

“Another game that has been keeping me occupied is Rock of Ages, courtesy of PlayStation Plus. Wacky in premise, this cross between tower defence and platformer tasks players with rolling down a track, avoiding obstacles, and smashing into your opponent’s castle gates. It’s as bizarre as it sounds, though not one of the best games PSN/XBL has to offer.

“Aside from injecting a few more hours into Wrath of Heroes, I’ve been getting my free-to-play kick elsewhere this week. After spotting a solo tweet I decided, on a whim, to download Sony’s F2P shooter, Bullet Run.

“At face value it appears to be a straight-up mix between Call of Duty and older arcade shooters and, to be fair, that’s what it is (somewhat akin to the recent Gotham City Impostors). It’s rough around the edges, yet the gunplay is consistent and I never feel as though I have to fork out real money to have a good time. The only thing I would moan about is the lack of character customisation, though I’m sure more custom items will be rolling in fairly soon.”

Has your country’s medal performance at the Olympics inspired you to put down your controller and play a sport through either a desire to try and emulate the athletes’ success (Team GB) or a belief you could do better (Team Australia)? If you resisted that urge and stayed inside glued to your TV what have you been playing?



  1. Yet more Yakuza Dead Souls for me this week. I’m half way through on my extra hard play through, it shouldn’t take too long to finish as it’s a new game + run so I have the best weapons and armour already.
    Finally got around to getting the platinum on Tiger Woods 13, with a bit of help from blackredyellow and OnlineAssassin (and my mate Joe).

  2. Finished Alan Wake on PC and went on to continue playing Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD. All those Oddworld news recently got me back in the mood!

  3. I’ve been working a lot, so little time to game. But I’ve gotten to do some Halo Reach, Midnight Club (courtesy of the psn sale) and a bit of Rock of Ages.

  4. Mostly PES2012 Master League again, bit of Crysis and a bit of Motorstorm RC.
    Also bought I Am Alive in the sale after enjoying the trial, graphics are a bit ropey tho, grey,grey,grey :~[
    Thinking of getting the Splinter Cell bundle but trying not to as i haven’t got time to play the games i already own ;)

  5. Completed Batman:Arkham City on NG+ and completed the mystery watcher sidequest which hints at another Batgame. Although, it may have just been a hint to a new story arc in the comics. Rescued the last hostage and now have to collect 80 riddler trophies in order to discover his location. Some are really hard to get. Also played B:AA and AC has made it seem a bit meh gameplay wise. There is no challenge and i keep trying to do combos that i can do in AC as i’m used to the combat system. Not sure if i want to continue with it as i know the story of AA. Oh and i have nearly done every combat map in AC. Just need to do the rest of the predator maps. I wonder if both actually have an impact on the riddler sidequest as i’ve read that the final hostage needs 320 riddler trophies before you can rescue her and at the time, i had just got past the 300 mark. Either twas a glitch or it is an easier way to do the quest.

    Oh and i may have BF3 soon and may do a barrel roll.(straight into a lampost or into Origami as soon as he spawns.)

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